12 Charming Picket Fence Ideas

I think this might be the year! We might actually replace our deteriorating rustic picket fence with a newer version. I keep trying to tell myself that our fence is shabby chic style but now that we’ve painted the exterior of our home, the fence just looks more worn and run-down. So I’m looking at inspirational photos for picket fence ideas before finally committing to something.

Sydney Interior Designers & Decorators Horton & Co. Designers

How adorable is this yellow picket fence with its little gate? The house behind it is equally charming! I think I’m ready to move in and call this place my home!


Traditional Exterior by Sherman Oaks Architects & Building Designers JWT Associates

I’d like to have an arch over the gate like this home when we replace our fencing. Wouldn’t it look pretty with climbing roses or wisteria winding its way over the top?


Bloomfield Hills Architects & Building Designers DesRosiers Architects

Rounded pickets wrap around this gorgeous seaside home!  The humble picket fence doesn’t look out of place in front of this stately house.


Traditional Exterior by Arlington Architects & Building Designers FitzHarris Designs

This house has several elements that says “Americana” … from the large front porch to the waving flag to the charming picket fence. Beautiful home!


Traditional Exterior by Huntsville Home Builders VTS Homes

A picket fence doesn’t have to be painted. You can leave it unfinished to weather and gray.


Entry by New York Interior Designers & Decorators Anthony Baratta LLC

Another charming home complete with a picket fence and rambling roses!


Transitional Exterior by Melbourne Interior Designers & Decorators Bloom Interior Design

Love this low-slung home with its spacious porch and curb appeal, all encircled with a charming fence.


Boyne City Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Common Ground Landscapes

Enclose a garden area with a fence, and keep the gate closed with a ball and chain!


Outdoor Spaces by Shirley Corwin

Garden gates get a special touch with black stars.


Farmhouse Exterior by Louisville Architects & Building Designers KGA Studio Architects, PC

I like houses that have a fence out front. I’m not sure if this would look good with our house because our front yard is so small, but I’d really like to try it.


Exterior by Melbourne Windows Whetstone Windows & Doors

The pickets on this fence are placed fairly close together. The little flowering trees behind the fence are a quaint touch. I love this house!


Traditional Exterior by Chatham General Contractors Fellman Brothers Builders

And finally, a bare picket fence surrounding the front yard of a classic Cape Cod home. I guess my next step is to call a fencing guy or two and get some estimates.


How to make a simple garden bannerHere’s what my fence currently looks like, with its garden banner. You can see that the pickets are very worn. Some of the pickets are starting to split so it’s time for the “shabby chic” look to go!

Do you prefer a painted fence or one that has a natural look?


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  1. Picket fences are so perfect for farmhouse or cottage style homes. I never thought about all of the different styles there are. I think I do prefer the painted look. I know whatever you choose will be wonderful, Jennifer!

  2. I adore pickets fences, they say ” yes this is my space, but please look”. That yellow fence is nice!

  3. ColleenB. says:

    I like a white picket fence. Any colorful flowers, etc. that are planted would really stand out against a white fence and would make the area look larger

  4. In every house we have ever lived in, my husband has built a picket fence. Even picket fences around our gardens! I love painted picket fences! The fence around our yard is painted white, and the fence around the garden is blue-green. My favorite picket fences have arbors over the gates, and I’m hoping we can do some arbors over our gates this summer.
    Before getting an estimate, you guys should consider installing the fence yourselves. It’s a pretty easy job to do on your own, and you can get pre-made wooden panels at your local hardware store. I think we paid 23 dollars per eight foot panel, and we purchased round treated posts from our local farm store that cost far less than the normal square posts. It just appears by all the projects y’all have finished on your own around your place that putting in a picket fence would be easy for ya, but far less costly than hiring some one else to do it. 🙂

  5. White painted picket fences are the perfect background for flowers and any special touches. I especially liked the idea of the black stars! That got my mind going to other ideas to add to my pickets. Hang a sign, add a birdhouse and you have instant interest and so inviting. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I like painted picket fences. I really never thought of having a color other than white, but I like the colored ones in the photos too.

  7. Love all the fences, esp. the first one in yellow!!

  8. Painted. I have a white picket fence, 5 ft tall, in front of my house. It gives me privacy when I entertain on my patio.

  9. I can’t wait to see your decision. You have a perfect home for one of those beauties


  10. Thank you so much for including my house and picket fence in your blog!! I’m thrilled! Yes, I LOVE picket fences. We had one around out backyard when I was growing up.

  11. Wendy Johnson says:

    I preferred the white to the bare wood in those pictured, and was not crazy about the yellow fence with the white house. Maybe in real life it looks better but in the picture it seemed out of place to me. I am sure yours will be spectacular.

  12. I love them every possible way, but I do think they look best when they aren’t right up against the sidewalk. I feel they should be set back in to the yard at least a foot or so, especially if the idea is to have flowers weaving in and out of them.

    And putting a picket fence up really is a very easy DIY project.

  13. These are gorgeous. I’m particularly partial to the arch over the gate. I hadn’t considered that a picket fence is a great compliment to a house’s siding or shutters. The traditional (or non-traditional) white picket fence really brings a home to life. Thanks for sharing!

  14. That arch gate with the wisteria growing up it is beautiful. We moved into a new home and are looking to add a gate while we do a little landscaping. I am sure when that wisteria fills out that will look even more stunning.

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