Tracey Rapisardi Summer House: Charming Home Tour

July is coming to an end but I'm no where near ready to let go of summer just yet!  It's a good thing we still have the entire month of August to enjoy. In celebration of my favorite season, I'm sharing an amazingly adorable summer house decorated by Tracey Rapisardi, one of my favorite interior designers. Her style is always light, fresh, pretty and feminine. Photo by Tracey Rapisardi Design This is my dream kitchen! White cottage style with … [Read more...]

Cozy Summer Cottages to Love

Do you have memories of vacationing in cozy summer cottages? I have vague memories of a lakeside cottage vacation in Canada when I was just a little girl. A few years later I remember taking a trip to Arkansas to vacation in a woodsy cottage with my grandparents. Both trips are fond summer memories from my youth. When my own children were little we took regular vacations to one of the cozy summer cottages on Hilton Head Island. Today I'm sharing … [Read more...]

Cottage Kitchens: A Charming Collection

When you talk about cottage style, it doesn't necessarily apply to small living spaces. If you subscribe to any of the cottage style magazines available today, you'll notice some of the featured homes are actually quite large. Cottage style is first and foremost comfortable, often colorful, and signified by slightly worn finishes and painted furniture. Bead board, natural textures, wicker furniture, and floral fabrics are mainstays of cottage … [Read more...]

Charleston Cottage: Charming Home Tour

First things first. Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mothers out there!  Being a mom is a challenging yet highly rewarding job. You take care of everyone else before you tend to your own needs. So I hope you'll take a little time to yourself and enjoy today's charming home tour which features a darling Charleston cottage. Dennis Moffitt Painting A beautiful stone fireplace takes center stage in the living room of this rich yet cozy beach … [Read more...]

Colorful Cottage ~ Charming Home Tour

Today's charming home tour features a colorful cottage I found at Houzz.  In fact, I found several homes over there that I want to showcase for you in the upcoming weeks, mixed in with some amazing blogger homes too!  Houzz has a wonderful "embed" feature that allows you to share photos on your own site and I use it from time to time to share design inspiration with you ... like this oh so cute cottage home! Photo by Alison Kandler Interior … [Read more...]

Nesting with Grace ~ Charming Home Tour

I first discovered decorating blogs about 4 years ago and once that happened, my interest in decorating magazines waned. I found bloggers produced more content and captivated my attention more frequently. I've read so many blogs now, that it's always a delight when I discover someone new, or rediscover a blog I've lost touch with. Such is the case with today's charming home tour ... Nesting with Grace. I was on last year's Holiday House Walk with … [Read more...]

Cozy Cottage Style Flipboard Magazine

Have you heard of Flipboard?  It's a great way to collect stories and ideas that you care about.  You can create your own magazines about all the topics you love!  I've shared some of my Flipboard magazines here on my blog before. My newest magazine is called Cozy Cottage Style!What I love about Flipboard is that I can "flip" articles and photos from the web and they're packaged into a beautiful, easy-to-read digital magazine … [Read more...]

Storybook Cottage ~ Charming Home Tour

Do you ever have trouble determining what your decorating style truly is?  I love both farmhouse and cottage style equally and keep going back and forth between the two. Sigh. I think my indecisiveness is based on the fact that there are many similar elements with both styles ... like bead board, the color white, simple decorating elements, etc. Today's tour showcases a storybook cottage, but you'll find some farmhouse details while you're … [Read more...]

Cottage Home by the Sea ~ Charming Home Tour

Welcome back to the Charming Home Series here at Town and Country Living!  Today's tour features a lovely cottage home by the sea that I found over at Houzz. We're taking a little break from the Christmas festivities to showcase a charmingly elegant home. Farmhouse Entry by South West Interior Designers & Decorators Stephanie Dunning Interior Design The front entry of this classic home is simple yet sophisticated. Symmetrical potted trees … [Read more...]

Charming Home Tour ~ Tidbits

Seems like every Sunday I start off by saying, "Have I got a gorgeous home tour for you today!"  But I truly feel that way. I've been featuring charming homes for over a year now and I don't think I've even begun to scratch the surface in showcasing beautiful blogger homes ... there are just so many!  I hope that you've found new blogs to follow on this journey of pretty homes. Today is no different ... I've got a gorgeous home tour for you … [Read more...]

Charming Home Tour ~ Breeze Inn

Southern breezes are blowing as we tour another Tybee Island rental cottage. The Breeze Inn belongs to novelist Mary Kay Andrews, author of Savannah Breeze. She named the cottage after the fictional Breeze Inn from her best-selling novel. This charming home has all the cottage appeal you'd expect to see in an island retreat. Ready for the tour? A mermaid whirligig greets visitors to the island cottage which can be rented through Mermaid … [Read more...]

Vintage Hankies ~ 3 Ways

The past couple weeks I've spent more time in the garden and less time in the house. We had a bazillion weeds that were out of control and I knew if I didn't get them pulled quickly, they'd take over the entire yard. We also managed to get our vegetable garden planted. I did have a little bit of time to pull out my collection of vintage hankies that I used to add a little color around the home. I love this look because a) I think it's pretty and … [Read more...]

Charming Home Tour ~ Tybee Tides

The rain is falling softly and I'm sitting on my porch swing as I write about today's charming home tour, which I'm super excited about by the way!  You get to tour an adorable, vintage cottage on Tybee Island in Georgia. I've known about the collection of rental properties at Mermaid Cottages and finally reached out to them asking if I could showcase a few. There are so many pretty beach cottages it was hard to choose which one to feature first, … [Read more...]