Tiny Trio of Leaves: Fall Printable

Welcome to a gathering of free fall printables provided by bloggers from across the country! Each of us has created a special printable for you to download and use when decorating your house for fall. Thanks to Kristen at Ella Claire for coordinating this fun blog hop; I know you'll find plenty of printables to inspire you!  I'm sharing a tiny trio of leaves with you today along with two ways to use them. (You can download the leaf template at … [Read more...]

Fall Leaf Art

One day I'm blogging about Fall, the next day it's all about Christmas. Today we're back to Fall ... it's that "what happened to Thanksgiving" time warp. I decided to add a bit more fall decor to the dining room for Thanksgiving, and this leaf art project is super quick and easy. A collection of leaves from the forest preserve add just the right touch of fall color in this corner. It was simply a matter of pressing the leaves in a book, gluing … [Read more...]

Simple Thanksgiving Table Setting

Remember when you were a kid and reenacted the pilgrim's first Thanksgiving in grade school? I loved it!  Some of us would dress as pilgrims, and some would dress as Indians.  We'd do a little play (I never got the parts with reading lines, unfortunately) and talk about what the pilgrims ate at a long harvest table. That first harvest table is the inspiration for today's simple Thanksgiving table setting with natural elements. Today I'm joining a … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Decorating with Friends

So much attention is given to Halloween and Christmas that Thanksgiving is often overlooked. It's a wonderful holiday where we express all that we're thankful for, and one thing I especially appreciate is the blogging community. I've had the chance to meet some warm and wonderful people who are always supportive and encouraging. I asked a few of those friends to share their Thanksgiving decorating inspiration with all of you. Be sure to visit the … [Read more...]

Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas to Inspire You!

Our fall foliage the past week has been so beautiful! I keep saying I'm gonna get out and take some photos but the days are whizzing by and I've been a bit busy working on blog stuff. I'll let you in on a little secret ... I've decided to start a second blog about something I enjoy.  I'll give you more details the closer I get to hatching that plan!  Since I haven't gotten outside for a fall photo shoot, I decided to cruise through Houzz again … [Read more...]

How to Make a Twig Mirror

Colorful leaves are beginning to carpet our lawn and the Silver Maples have dropped quite a few branches, which is common for that type of tree.  We always get a new batch of fallen twigs after a storm and we add them to our burn pile.  But as I was looking at the pile, the thought occurred to me to do something crafty with those branches. And so today, I'm sharing how to make a twig mirror! We had a record number of fallen branches in our yard … [Read more...]

Decorating for Fall with Farmhouse Finds

This post is sponsored by Antique Farm House, but all opinions are my own. After spending lots of time outdoors during the summer, do you find yourself in nesting mode once Fall rolls around?  The combination of cooler weather and shorter days always puts me in the mood to make things cozy inside. I'm sure it's a psychological urge to prepare for the season I like least. You know, that frosty time of year that begins with the letter "w".  My … [Read more...]

DIY Fall Owl Magnets

Happy Sunday and welcome to my latest little craft project.  I was at the craft store looking for something in particular when I spied the cutest little felt owl figures hanging from the shelf. They stopped me in my tracks and I thought, "What could I do with these?"  I decided they'd look cute on mini canvases and the thought occurred to me to turn them into easy, DIY Fall Owl Magnets.  For this project I'm joining the "Home for Fall" event … [Read more...]

My Fall Farmhouse Tour ~ Part Two

Are you enjoying all the fall decorating that's flooding the internet these days?  There seems to be no end of inspiration and creativity!  Today I'm joining a few creative bloggers to share our homes with you during this week of "Fall in Love with Your Home" tour. I've already revealed part of my home decorated for fall a couple weeks ago, so this is my fall farmhouse tour ... part two. My farmhouse kitchen is my favorite room in the house … [Read more...]

My Fall Mantel ~ Farmhouse Friday

Wow! What happened to the month of September?  It's the 4th Friday of the month already and you know what that means ...  It's Farmhouse Friday! We're celebrating fall decor because so many people love the fall season and decorating in the warm hues of autumn. I've added a new cow print to this year's fall mantel, along with a few other farmhouse touches. Once you're done checking out my mantel, be sure to visit my farmhouse blogging friends at … [Read more...]

Pine Cone Owls

This week is the Fall Ideas Tour that Kathy from Petticoat Junktion organized!  You can see links to other bloggers at the end of this post and I guarantee ... you'll find plenty of fall decorating inspiration! Today is craft day and as part of the tour, I'm sharing how to make pine cone owls! I'm going to use these little guys to help decorate my daughter Bridget's baby shower next month. She's having a boy and has chosen a woodland theme for … [Read more...]

Fall Farmhouse Tour ~ Part One

Welcome to my Fall home tour! As a blogger, I love this time of year because there's a lot of online parties to join. Today I'm celebrating Fall Home Tour week organized by Brenda at Cozy Little House. I enjoy seeing what my fellow bloggers are up to ... there's so much creative talent to inspire and motivate! I do hope you'll visit my fellow bloggers' home tours listed at the end of this post.  But for now, here's my Fall farmhouse tour. A … [Read more...]

Easiest Fall Wreath Ever!

Last night the temperature dove into the 40's. In just a few days it will be back up in the 80's. The Fall season in Chicagoland is often unpredictable. It might be snowing on Halloween ... or it might be mildly warm. But one thing you can always count on is the beautiful colors of the trees as the leaves change. Shorter days signal the time to start decorating in warm colors and one of the first things I do is plant a few mums and swap out the … [Read more...]

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