Country Kitchens to Love

How old were you when you started looking at decorating magazines? I was in my early 20s and my favorite magazines were Country Living and Country Home. I've always loved country style decorating whether it has a farmhouse, cottage, or modern influence. The kitchen is my favorite room in the house and I never tire of thumbing through magazine pages looking at country kitchens.  Here's a collection of country kitchens I recently found that I hope … [Read more...]

Open Shelving Ideas: How to Style

Open floor plans and open shelves have made a comeback in today's design world. Seems we like the idea of living in open spaces, unencumbered by walls and doors. While this look may not be for everyone, I thought I'd share open shelving ideas from a few friends, along with ideas from my own house. You'll also get ideas on how to style open shelves. If you visit my blog, you've probably seen my farmhouse sideboard with a simple pair of painted … [Read more...]

How to Add a Bit of Kitchen Color

When you want to spruce up your kitchen but don't want to spend a little money, add a bit of color. It's easy to do and really freshens up the heart of your home. My kitchen is mostly white which makes it easy to add any color.  What's great about adding color to the kitchen is that you probably already have things on hand that will do the trick. Here are some easy ideas to add a bit of kitchen color. Add a Colorful Sign You can find … [Read more...]

10 Charming Breakfast Nook Ideas

Who doesn't love a charming breakfast nook? It's a cozy and inviting place to start your day off on the right foot. Even if you get up on the wrong side of the bed, enjoying a creamy cup of coffee in a sunny nook is sure to brighten your day. Compliments of Houzz, I've got a collection of 10 charming breakfast nook ideas for you. A cottage cute breakfast nook to enjoy a vanilla latte with family or friends. Loads of charm with the globe light … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Kitchen in 1902 House

Lately I've given some thought to my diet and feel a need to get back in the kitchen to cook healthy meals. I love the act of cooking, but I don't like the time it sometimes takes. A well-organized kitchen makes meal prep more efficient, and I found a beautiful farmhouse kitchen in a 1902 house that fills the bill!  This beautiful kitchen and its photos are by Wengerkois Architecture + Build. Photo by wengerkois architecture + design   An … [Read more...]

Kitchen Wallpaper: Is It for You?

When I ask people if they like wallpaper, the answer is either a resounding yes or an emphatic no. I've yet to find anyone who feels lukewarm when it comes to the subject of papering the walls of their home. Designers are predicting a growing trend back to wallpapered walls and today I'm sharing examples of kitchen wallpaper from Houzz to see what Town and Country Living readers think. A soft, patterned wallpaper lines the walls of this neutral … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor: Get the Look

My favorite room in our circa 1875 farmhouse is the kitchen. I've never seen another kitchen that looks like it. Despite the fact that it doesn't have a dishwasher or a garbage disposal, I appreciate its vintage charm. I've filled it with farmhouse kitchen decor; I can't imagine it with an updated look.  Not to mention, the farmhouse look just feels so earthy and organic to me. If you want to get the farm look in your kitchen, here are some … [Read more...]

Simple Fall Decorating in the Kitchen

Fall brings two important things into my life; gorgeous colors and football. I don't know why football can't last as long as baseball season. And I don't know why the beautiful color of fall leaves has to mean barren trees are right around the corner. Well, okay ... I do know why trees become dormant and why football players can't as many games as baseball players. But that doesn't mean I have to like it. What I do like however, is a bit of … [Read more...]

Colorful Cottage Kitchen: Take the Tour

When I was running with my daughter last weekend, I confessed we were finally getting a new refrigerator. One week passed and instead of a new fridge, we were purchasing a new range because ours died suddenly. The fridge arrives in a couple of weeks though. Since I have kitchen issues on the brain, I thought I'd share this colorful cottage kitchen full of charm and ideas to spruce up your own kitchen. The designer is Alison Kandler, one of my … [Read more...]

Beautiful Kitchens. Just Because

Do you love beautiful kitchens as much as I do?  I don't know what it is, but I never tire of looking at them. When I leaf through a decorating magazine, I always linger over photos of kitchens the longest. When I see a home tour on another blog or website, I'm disappointed if they don't include the kitchen. Maybe it's because the kitchen is the heart of the home where family comes together. So today I'm indulging my fetish and sharing examples … [Read more...]

Cottage Kitchens: A Charming Collection

When you talk about cottage style, it doesn't necessarily apply to small living spaces. If you subscribe to any of the cottage style magazines available today, you'll notice some of the featured homes are actually quite large. Cottage style is first and foremost comfortable, often colorful, and signified by slightly worn finishes and painted furniture. Bead board, natural textures, wicker furniture, and floral fabrics are mainstays of cottage … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Kitchen Dressed for Spring

Are you lovin' the longer days of spring as much as I am? It's incredible how a few more hours of daylight can put a pep in your step. I'm pretty sure I have seasonal disorder syndrome so when the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, I'm a happy camper. It's even better when everything starts turning green and the magnolia trees and forsythia bushes are in bloom. I brought a little of that spring time freshness into my farmhouse kitchen … [Read more...]

11 Blogger Kitchens to Enjoy

Kitchens have evolved dramatically over the years, and large part of that is due to technological advancements like the creation of the stove and oven. Back in Colonial America, the kitchen was often a separate building behind the house. It wasn't until the end of the 19th century when using gas for cooking became more commonplace in homes. You wouldn't find built-in cabinetry, thus the need for hutches and Hoosier cabinets. As furniture and … [Read more...]

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