Farmhouse Kitchen Dressed for Spring

Are you lovin' the longer days of spring as much as I am? It's incredible how a few more hours of daylight can put a pep in your step. I'm pretty sure I have seasonal disorder syndrome so when the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, I'm a happy camper. It's even better when everything starts turning green and the magnolia trees and forsythia bushes are in bloom. I brought a little of that spring time freshness into my farmhouse kitchen … [Read more...]

11 Blogger Kitchens to Enjoy

Kitchens have evolved dramatically over the years, and large part of that is due to technological advancements like the creation of the stove and oven. Back in Colonial America, the kitchen was often a separate building behind the house. It wasn't until the end of the 19th century when using gas for cooking became more commonplace in homes. You wouldn't find built-in cabinetry, thus the need for hutches and Hoosier cabinets. As furniture and … [Read more...]

Kitchen Islands to Love

Lately I'm obsessed with kitchens. This usually happens when I have the itch to cook or bake more. As I'm scurrying about the kitchen I'm aware of weaknesses in my kitchen and I've been thinking I could use a bit more counter top and storage space. I suppose most of us feel that way about our kitchens from time to time. I have enough space to get a larger kitchen island, so I'm keeping my eyes open when I start scouring the local flea markets … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Sink: The Rising Kitchen Icon

Icon (ahy-con), a person or thing that is revered or idolized. Yes, that's what has happened to the farmhouse sink. It's risen to the status of an icon kitchens across America. No longer is it relegated to the farmhouse kitchen; you'll now find it in traditional and modern kitchens too. (Note: Images from Houzz are embedded. Click on photo to be taken to the original and pin from the Houzz website. You can, however, pin the photo collage at the … [Read more...]

9 Ways to Organize the Kitchen

As soon as the holidays are over, I'm going to work on whipping my kitchen into shape. I have plenty of storage space, it just needs to organized better. I know I can squeeze even more storage space out of it if I just put my thinking cap on. I decided to look for ways to organize the kitchen on the Houzz website, and I found quite a few ideas! Traditional Kitchen by London Paint & Wall Coverings Mylands A beautiful blue cupboard isn't just … [Read more...]

Kitchen Holiday Gift Guide

This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods. All opinions are my own. Giving gifts is fun and when I do my Christmas shopping, I anticipate the reaction loved ones will have when they open their gifts from me. I always try to buy something they'll love and enjoy surprising them with something unique. I stumbled across Uncommon Goods and found several kitchen items to include in a holiday gift guide. My favorite find is this Ombre Stemless Glass … [Read more...]

Why My Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

Whenever someone asks me what my favorite room is, I always say it's the kitchen. Not just for the way it's decorated, but for what it means on a daily basis. The kitchen is where you provide nourishment for your family. It's where loved ones come together during the holidays and special gatherings. And of course you remember the saying, "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach." The kitchen provides our sustenance through food, but it's … [Read more...]

Fall Decor in My Farmhouse Kitchen

It's late August and I'm no where near ready to usher in Fall, but I do love mums and autumn flowers so I had to bring just a few touches of Fall decor into my farmhouse kitchen. I love late summer as it transitions into the next season. Our vegetable garden is ready to harvest and I'll be spending plenty of time in the kitchen canning tomatoes, so I might as well make the space pretty! Although the days have started to shorten, there's … [Read more...]

10 Butler’s Pantry Ideas

When I was a freshman in high school and cleaned house for Mrs. Ashby, I admired her butler's pantry and told myself I would someday have one. Her service pantry was a small hallway between her kitchen and dining room and was the first one I had ever seen. She always had a bottle of brandy tucked by the small sink and drank her libation out of an English tea cup. Since then I've always been fascinated by butler's pantries. Clemson Architects … [Read more...]

Elements of a Farmhouse Kitchen and $350 Giveaway

It's Farmhouse Friday!!  I love Farmhouse Friday which occurs the 4th Friday of each month and includes 5 other bloggers with farmhouse style. This month's theme is the Farmhouse Kitchen and I'm super excited about it because Polder's Old World Market is offering $350 worth of their beautiful hand-carved wooden chef utensils to one lucky winner! The entry form is at the end of this post, along with links to my farmhouse blogging friends so you … [Read more...]

Organize Your Kitchen with a Wall Basket Hanger

Lately I've been a wee bit frustrated because my kitchen is on the verge of chaos. I have craft supplies out on the table, my spices are tumbling over each other in the cupboard, and fruit is out on the counter because there's too much stuff in the fridge. Sigh. But then something came in the mail the other day that helped me win my battle, and now I'm left standing to show how to easily organize your kitchen with a wall basket hanger.  Not only … [Read more...]

The American Kitchen ~ Farmhouse Style

Before we had modern conveniences, the American kitchen wasn't meant as a gathering spot for entertaining family and friends. Since there were many more steps to cooking and creating meals in the early days of our country, the kitchen was the workhorse of the home, as opposed to being the heart of the home. But today, thanks primarily to the evolution of appliances, the kitchen has become the place where we feed our loved ones and nourish our … [Read more...]

Open Shelving in the Kitchen

Open shelving in the kitchen can be quite charming, but it's not without its faults. Since everything is out on display, you can't just shut the door to hide a mess. You've got to keep things neat and tidy ... or maybe not if you don't care that it looks messy. On the flip side, open shelving allows you to display beautiful dishes or collectibles. Coastal Living Kitchen Open shelves let you display cute and colorful dishes! Such an easy way to … [Read more...]

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