Who Doesn’t Want a Summer Sleeping Porch?

It's been a little warmer than normal the last couple days but I refuse to turn the air conditioning on this early in the year. So last night while I was sweating in my bed, I was dreaming of how nice it would be to have my very own sleeping porch during the summer months. A screened sleeping porch of course, so I don't have to deal with mosquitoes and creepy crawlers! (Click on photo to be taken to original on Houzz.) Traditional Porch by Edina … [Read more...]

The Classic White House

White houses can be clean and modern, shabby and charming, stately and elegant, or classic and traditional. So here's a salute to the All-American dream, the pride and joy of a well-loved home. All homes were photographed in Geneva, Illinois, where I spent the first 25 years of my life. Unfortunately, I didn't grow up in a historic home ... but at least I live in one now! A girl named Bambi used to live in this house. Growing up, I always … [Read more...]