Vintage Bottles ~ Two Ways

One thing I love about vintage bottles is they're extremely versatile when it comes to decorating. They look pretty all on their own, and they make a visual impact when grouped together. I have several types of old bottles ... clear, aqua, altered, milk bottles, etc. I change them out from time to time, putting some in storage while¬†displaying others. After Christmas I pulled out my gray-painted bottles and created a couple of vignettes. I … [Read more...]

Finishing Up a Few Projects

Although I've been wanting to work on some projects around the house, I've been finishing up some craft projects these days. It's been so hot, I just haven't had the energy or drive to tackle some of the home stuff like painting the tub, painting the kitchen, and don't remind me ... painting the outside of the house. Ugh! Definitely too hot for that! So here are some of the things I've accomplished the last couple weeks. The new oil painting was … [Read more...]

Some Women Like Shoes. I Like Bottles!

Been workin' on a few more bottles. Trying different looks and different techniques so creativity doesn't get in a rut. Speaking of ruts, I saw a couple of bottles in ruts by the side of the road while I was out for my morning run. I've gotta remember to go back and get 'em ... you know, just doin' my part to keep the roadside clean! I found these bottles at my secret garbage dump. Cute shapes crying for a makeover. The French labels are, of … [Read more...]

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