Pink Peonies Because I’m Feeling Blue

Sometimes I love change in life and sometimes I hate it. Today is one of those days when I hate it. I just got back from visiting my dad in the hospital. He's diabetic and his blood sugar dropped to a dangerously low 33 ... so he's on an IV but is struggling ... his kidneys aren't functioning normally at the moment. We're hoping his health will return to a manageable situation soon and he can go back to my sister's house where he and mom live … [Read more...]

The Early Face of Fall

As I gaze upon the early face of fall and watch the season progress toward winter, I'm reminded of my mother's journey with Alzheimer's. The early stages of this disease are now progressing into something more serious for her, but she's entirely unaware.My grandmother had Alzheimer's so I'm no stranger to this disease that slowly steals the mind.Slowly the person you love and know so well begins to disappear.They no longer recognize … [Read more...]

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