Beating the Winter Blues with a Little Pink

The months of January through March are always hard for me. I'm not a winter person and I suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). I find myself craving longer days, natural light, and warmth. Thankfully the days are getting longer but it's still cold and snowy here in Illinois. By March I'm ready to be done with Old Man Winter once and for all. To help beat the winter blues I like to bring in lots of fresh flowers and pink ones are always … [Read more...]

Bring Me a Bottle

Lately I've been lovin' bottles. I'm going to blame it on Rosemary over at Villabarnes. Ever since I bought 2 of Rosemary's bottles (one from her Etsy Shop and one from her booth at the flea market), I just can't get enough of bottles. I've actually been playing with her Old World finish a bit on bottles hubby and I found at a discreet nearby dump (yes, we scavenge through dumps ... nothing is beneath us). I've also been scouting some of our … [Read more...]

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

Rarely do I purchase pre-made curtains for my home. It's been this way ever since I've been messin' around with hearth and home. And so recently I went on the hunt for curtain fabric. I seriously considered burlap, but then I saw another blog where drop cloth had been used and changed my mind.   After a quick trip to the paint store for drop cloth, I set up my mother's old Kenmore sewing machine. I planned to make tab curtains but then I … [Read more...]

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