A Beautiful Bedroom: How to Choose Bedding

January is the official "white sale" month when stores discount linens and bedding. I suppose many of us are ready for a little rest and relaxation after the holidays and what better way than to make your bed comfy cozy? One of the easiest ways to create a beautiful bedroom is to fluff up your bed with new linens. Here's how to choose bedding to soothe your soul and make your nights soft and dreamy. (This post contains affiliate links.) Photo by … [Read more...]

Casual Christmas Comfort: Holiday Decorating

Christmas comes too quickly! I wish I could stretch it out for about three months. Then we wouldn't have to rush and we could enjoy casual Christmas comfort. Which is exactly the vibe I'm going for in our family room with this year's holiday decor. (This post contains affiliate links.) My vintage-style red truck is the focal point and inspiration for this room.   Christmas decorating is simple yet festive in the family room. You can … [Read more...]

Beautiful Bedrooms to Dream In

Some of my friends and family members have difficulty sleeping. On occasion, I struggle with sleep too, although lately I haven't had any problems. My philosophy is that if you have pretty space for sleeping, it's easier to drift off. I say this because I think your surroundings can calm your nerves and create a sense of peace. I asked some of my blogging friends if I could share their beautiful bedrooms with you. Kim's blog at Savvy Southern … [Read more...]

Cozy Comfy Bedding That’s Oh So Pretty

Winter is the season for hibernating and sleeping. Even the animals know this is the time of year to catch up on a little shut-eye. What better way to snuggle up for a winter's nap than with cozy comfy bedding?  And if the bedding is soft and beautiful - all the better! Today I'm sharing 15 examples of bedding in a variety of styles from some of my blogging friends. Softly striped sheets and textured bedspreads create a pretty coastal style … [Read more...]

Christmas Bedroom: Holiday Decorating

Old Man Winter gifted our neighborhood with almost a foot of snow yesterday. The mini blizzard created an opportune moment for staying indoors and adding a bit more holiday decor to the rest of the house. My Christmas Home Tour was shared last week but I didn't include a Christmas bedroom, so today I'm sharing one of our under-the-eaves bedrooms.   My daughters slept in here when they were much younger, but there were two twin beds as … [Read more...]

Coastal Style Bedroom: Painting with Frog Tape®

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape®. All opinions are 100% mine. My son moved out of the house about 2 years ago (and he just got married this weekend, I might add), but I haven't done much to his bedroom since he left. Until now, that is. I decided to freshen up the space with a fresh coat of paint and turn it into a coastal style bedroom for guests. The most frequent of our guests is my grandson who helped with some … [Read more...]

Summer Bedroom with Silk Pillowcases

When it's warm outside, I like to sleep with a cool pillowcase against my cheek. I tend to flip my pillow so my face always has the cool side of the casing. To help myself sleep like a baby during my favorite season of the year, I added silk pillowcases from OOSILK to my summer bedroom. I chose white silk cases to go with the vintage pillowcases I made last year. White looks crisp and clean in my cottage-style bedroom. I always enjoy … [Read more...]

Dreamy Beds: 13 Inspiring Examples

What is it about spring that makes you want a clean, organized home? Maybe it's because you know warm weather is on its way and you won't have time to putter around the house because you'll be outside playing. At the end of a busy day outdoors, it's nice to collapse onto a beautiful bed with cool cotton sheets and a pretty summer quilt. I found a collection of dreamy beds and bedroom sets at Bedroom Furniture Discounts and am inspired to share my … [Read more...]

15 Bedroom Decorating Ideas

You know, when you think about it ... it's a shame that the majority of our time spent in our bedrooms is with our eyes closed. Still, it's nice to have a pretty and peaceful place to fall asleep at night. Bedroom decor should be welcoming and comfortable, so you can wake the next morning feeling refreshed. Today I've got a collection of 15 cozy rooms to give you plenty of bedroom decorating ideas. 1. Add a Bit of Glam.  Up first is a stunning … [Read more...]

Coral Bedding in My Farmhouse Bedroom

It never fails. When winter rolls around and cabin fever sets in, I find myself making a wish list to update every room in the house. Although a lot of my creative attention right now is focused on the dining room, I've also had a strong itch to freshen up the bedroom. One of the easiest and most economical ways to change up a bedroom is to swap out your bedding. Normally I choose softer colors for bedrooms in my home, but this time around I … [Read more...]

9 Metal Beds to Dream In

When my sister married and her new hubby carried her off to Michigan, I remember the white metal bed that graced their master bedroom. I wanted that bed. Badly. The desire stuck with me for many years and prompted me to purchase a white wrought iron daybed for my daughter Bridget when she graduated from her crib. Bridget has since grown up and moved out on her own (she's the daughter who recently had a baby), but my love for a beautiful metal bed … [Read more...]

A Collection of 10 Dreamy Bedrooms

What is it about a 5-star hotel with its lush, comfy beds that makes us pay hundreds of dollars just to sleep there? The charm of a Bed and Breakfast with its cozy bedrooms also lures us to spend the weekend to relax and unwind. It's the luxury of fine bedding, plump pillows, and a pretty decor that helps us de-stress from the cares of the world. So why not invest a little creativity into our own bedrooms to provide that same 5-star feeling of … [Read more...]

Under the Eaves Farmhouse Bedroom

This past summer I ordered a dust ruffle from Joss and Main for one of the beds and would you believe I never bothered to put it on? Until today that is. The reason why I procrastinated is because I didn't feel like lugging the heavy mattress off the bed to put the skirt on. I finally buckled up and wrestled with that awkward mattress to get the dust ruffle on. While I was at it, I decided to change the bedding up a bit in our little farmhouse … [Read more...]

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