Featuring: The Dedicated House

Have you met Kathryn from The Dedicated House? She's my Button Swap partner for the month of September, which is a fun get-together for bloggers to hook up. The button swap is hosted by Ethereal Plus What I Love. The idea is to get to know your button swap partner and give 'em some blog love. So without further adieu, let's take a tour of Kathryn's home! (All photos are from Kathryn's blog, The Dedicated House.) NOTE: If you're going to pin … [Read more...]

Full Length Mirror for the Bedroom

For the longest time I've been looking for a full length mirror to put in the bedroom. I either see a gorgeous mirror with a price tag I don't like, or I see the right price but the mirror is just so-so. I didn't want to settle. I didn't have to. I found the oval mirror at a yard sale for just $1. It didn't have a frame, but I grabbed it anyway. My first thought was to get some plywood or an old door and wood appliques.  But then I remembered I … [Read more...]

The Campbell Street House

If you follow my blog, you know I like to take exterior photos of historic homes in the area and give ya'll a tour. Recently I found that one of those historic homes in Geneva is now up for sale and I was able to grab some interior photos (source of photo if not mine is Miscella Real Estate). This is the historic house on Campbell Street that I love.It's not extravagant, rather, it has simple clean lines and pretty urns out front. All … [Read more...]

Spring Decor in the Bedroom

About a year ago I stepped into Amazing Grace, our local antiques store. The shop had been in business for a few years before I ever stepped across their threshold (don't ask why it took so long ... I don't have an answer). Since that first visit, I've made several purchases ... the prices are so reasonable! My fave purchase from Amazing Grace Antiques is my white bedroom dresser.This little DREAM banner came in the mail yesterday.I … [Read more...]

To Beadboard or Not to Beadboard

Personally, I feel you can never have too much beadboard in your house. It's classic and fun all at once. It's elegant yet cottage-chic. Beadboard lends a clean look to any room and is an easy way to add architectural detail to plain old walls. Shoot, you can even apply it to stock cabinetry, giving the everyday kitchen a customized look. I've got standard beadboard in my kitchen, and variations of it on my stairway and in one of my bathrooms. … [Read more...]

Dreamy Blue Bedroom

When I think of bedrooms, I always think of blue and white. Blue is such a restful color while white lends a crisp pop. Our bedroom isn't cluttered ... rather, it displays a minimalist decor point of view. I've tried to include some softness to keep it from looking too cold, but I like that it's not busy. I think a cluttered bedroom would keep me awake, but that's just me. The little pink lamp was a $25 find at Amazing Grace Antiques. The bed was … [Read more...]

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