Cozy Living Ideas with Candles and Blankets

Welcome to the first month of our brand new Cozy Living series! Eleven bloggers are joining together to share cozy living ideas with you the first Saturday of each month. We hope to inspire you to create memorable cozy moments at home for you and your family. Each blogger (I shared who the cozy living bloggers are last week) will share simple ideas for enjoying that particular month. Links to everyone's ideas are at the end of this post, so … [Read more...]

Candles: Making and Decorating

Have you noticed the days are getting shorter?  It's sad but true.  The nights are getting slightly cooler too. I'm not quite ready to decorate for fall, but I do enjoy using candles this time of year. Actually, I burn them year-round. We have kitties and I find candles burn pet odors out of a room better than any air freshener, so I use them all the time. But I especially enjoy them when the nights get longer. Today, I'm sharing a roundup of DIY … [Read more...]

How to Make Scented Candles

If you've never made homemade candles, I sincerely urge you to try it. I was always afraid to give it a go, but finally stepped out of my comfort zone a little over a year ago and wondered why I had waited so long! I think the idea of melting wax freaked me out (you know, horror stories in the kitchen) so I just kept buying candles at the store. Today I'm sharing how to make scented candles so you can see just how easy it is. Of all the candles … [Read more...]

DIY Pink Frosted Votive Candle Holders

Today I have another easy DIY project for you. One thing I like about do-it-yourself projects is that you can customize them and create a one-of-a-kind look. Or sometimes when you can't find what you're looking for at the store, you can just make it yourself. Today I'm sharing how to make DIY Pink Frosted Votive Candle Holders. Yours don't have to be pink ... you could make them any color you like to go with your decor. Since it's close to … [Read more...]

How to Make Floating Tea Light Candles

With the holidays around the corner and Old Man Winter approaching, I thought it would be fun to tackle another candle project. I love candles any time of year, but I especially love them when the days are shorter and darker. They make the house feel warm and cozy. Today I'm sharing how to make floating tea light candles and arrange them with flowers for a pretty centerpiece. Candles are really easy to make and I love that you can customize … [Read more...]

How to Make 5 Minute Mason Jar Candles

If you need a quick and easy Fall decoration that's economical and looks pretty too, then you've come to the right place! Using just a few items, I'll show you how to make 5 minute mason jar candles for Fall that create cozy appeal in your home as the days grow shorter. You don't even need to melt any wax for these charming candles. Whenever I need a fast and easy decoration, I typically turn to mason jars. They're so versatile and I have a … [Read more...]

How to Make Lavender Candles

One of my favorite scents in the world is calming lavender ... its sweet floral and herbal fragrance with balsamic undertones. One of the easiest ways to infuse its intoxicating scent throughout the home is with candles. I've found that dried lavender doesn't diffuse throughout a room as quickly and evenly as a burning candle. But good candles with quality fragrance can get expensive, so I decided to make my own lavender … [Read more...]

How to Make Mason Jar Candles

This week I'm celebrating Scents of the Season with some of my fellow bloggers! Each day we're sharing a DIY project that celebrates the wonderful aromas of autumn, and I'm excited to share how to make mason jar candles! I have always wanted to make candles but truth be told, I was a big chicken about it. I thought it would be difficult and messy, but it was surprisingly easy and I can't wait to make more! Following are the instructions for … [Read more...]

Christmas Votive Holders on the Cheap

This Christmas season I've got a few decorating projects lined up (like who doesn't, right?). Hopefully I'll get to all of them but I'm not makin' any promises. I'll just do the best I can. First up are these little Christmas votive holders. Simple and sweet. At this time of year, I like anything that's simple.Here's what I started with. Six little candle holders at 49 cents each from Goodwill. I suppose they look cute enough as is, but they … [Read more...]

Setting a Thanksgiving Table: Option Two

I must confess that after setting the first Thanksgiving tablescape (option one) about a week ago, I wasn't very motivated to create a second one. But I did. Just for fun. I put one together ... didn't like it ... ripped it apart and came up with something much simpler than what I originally had. A white pillar candle in a large jar takes center stage for this second Thanksgiving table.Each place setting gets its own personal pear. Gourds … [Read more...]

Celebrating All Hallow’s Eve

After the trick or treaters have come and gone, how will you spend what's left of your hallowed evening? For me, it's going to be a relaxing, candlelit bubble bath.Lots of autumn candles scented with pumpkin and cinnamon.Makes me wanna just climb on in.A good book is a must when you want to linger in the bubbles.A variety of candles is heavenly, as long as you make sure the fragrances blend well.I wrapped a few mason … [Read more...]

Fall Dining in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Although the dining room is typically the room we use for formal dining like Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, I like to dress up the kitchen nook for special dinners with hubby. We have just enough room in this nook for a cozy table and chairs. The table has a leaf so we can actually seat 6 people in this space.Truth be told, we eat most of our meals in front of the T.V. I'd like to get back to sharing more meals at a table and bring back … [Read more...]

My Passion for Book Page Crafts

Lately I'm becoming more and more drawn to anything made with book pages! Within minutes the words on a book's page take you to another place and time. The musty smell of an old book with an elegant cover is a sensory pleasure I'll always treasure. And when you're done with a book, you can transform it into a work of art. I've been collecting books for projects around the house and thanks to Pinterest, I'm finding an unending supply of crafts to … [Read more...]

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