Fixing the Cabinet that the Cat Broke

You may remember my post about stenciling the glass china cabinet doors. Fortunately or unfortunately, a cat hurled itself at the glass door (obviously something freaked him out) and the glass on one of the doors broke. Now mind you, I didn't see this happen but I heard a crash in the dining room and when I came in, there he was looking all guilty. Rather than get too upset (it's just a cabinet, after all) I used it as an opportunity to do … [Read more...]

Dinner is Served

For the most part, our dining room has been complete for the last few months, with the exception of some minor details ... like stuff to hang on the walls. But after a few shopping trips I feel like the dirty deed is finally done. Here's the dining room the way she looks today ... The walls were changed from Sage Green to Steam White by Valspar. You can see the old dining room in a Christmas post here. I found the script bamboo mat at a local … [Read more...]

Stenciled Glass Cabinet Doors

About a month ago, I was inspired by a stencil project that Heather at Love and Life at Leadora had created. She applied a beautiful stencil to the glass window in her front door. While thinking my china cabinet needed some lace in the glass doors, I remembered Heather's project.This is Heather's front door, the source of my inspiration. Her stencil work is intricate and beautiful And her dog's cute, too! This is my cabinet that … [Read more...]

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