Large Wall Clocks: Make a Statement

We all have our favorite collections or items we like to display in our homes. It's those little touches that give a home warmth and personality. Large wall clocks have always tugged at my heart strings. Maybe it's because they conjure memories of overnight visits to my grandmother's house, listening to the comforting tick-tock of her vintage clock while falling asleep at night. Large wall clocks are beautiful wall art you can use to personalize … [Read more...]

Family Room Clock Makeover

I love clocks. The bigger, the better. About a year ago I found a large wall clock on sale (half price) at The Little Traveler. The finish was a little too dark for my taste so I lightened it up with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. This is what the clock looks like today.This is what it looked like when I brought it home from The Little Traveler. Nothing wrong with the color ... I simply decided I wanted a lighter shade.I'm going for a softer … [Read more...]

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