Big Red Barn at Leroy Oakes Forest Preserve

Leroy Oakes is a beautiful forest preserve in Kane County with big red barns and historical buildings. In the early morning it's peaceful and serene. A bike and running trail winds its way through the idyllic property and this is the location where we start our long marathon training run every Saturday. As you drive down the winding road into Leroy Oakes Forest Preserve, this big red barn greets you as you reach the parking area. Every year, the … [Read more...]

The Early Face of Fall

As I gaze upon the early face of fall and watch the season progress toward winter, I'm reminded of my mother's journey with Alzheimer's. The early stages of this disease are now progressing into something more serious for her, but she's entirely unaware.My grandmother had Alzheimer's so I'm no stranger to this disease that slowly steals the mind.Slowly the person you love and know so well begins to disappear.They no longer recognize … [Read more...]

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