Broiled Tilapia Parmesan Recipe

Do you enjoy a good Friday night fish fry? I'm a vegetarian but I do eat fish on occasion for its health benefits. Although I love fish, I don't like it fried. The coating is usually too thick and greasy and takes away from the flakiness and flavor of fish. My favorite fish is salmon and halibut, but unfortunately it's sometimes hard to get fresh halibut where we live. Tilapia and cod are nice alternatives, and this Broiled Tilapia Parmesan … [Read more...]

Easy Lasagna Cups for Lunch or Dinner

Don't you love finding an easy recipe that turns out scrumptious the first time you make it? I found a tasty lasagna recipe that's great for either lunch or dinner. Instead of laying out the lasagna noodles in a large pan, you roll them up and place them in muffin tins. The original recipe called for store bought spaghetti sauce, but I made mine from scratch. The lasagna cups stay nicely shaped after removing them from the pan, which means … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Christmas Dining

A little green and white pair together this year to set the scene for a farmhouse holiday dinner. Mismatched white dinnerware is flanked by vintage silver plate.Book pages provide a makeshift table runner.The white glasses are identical to ones my grandmother had. When I found them at the flea market I had to take them home with me. Vintage ornaments provide color and whimsy.No fussy table setting for our farmhouse … [Read more...]

Setting a Thanksgiving Table: Option Two

I must confess that after setting the first Thanksgiving tablescape (option one) about a week ago, I wasn't very motivated to create a second one. But I did. Just for fun. I put one together ... didn't like it ... ripped it apart and came up with something much simpler than what I originally had. A white pillar candle in a large jar takes center stage for this second Thanksgiving table.Each place setting gets its own personal pear. Gourds … [Read more...]

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