August Flea Market Finds for the Dining Room

August was a good month for visiting our local monthly flea market. Hubby and I missed the months of June and July so I was in the mood to find some treasures. I already shared my summer mantel lined with the vintage aqua bottles I found. The rest of my August flea market finds found their way into my dining room.  I've been searching high and low for just the right cow painting for my dining room. I was finally lucky to find an … [Read more...]

What’s Your Favorite Flea Market Find?

Flea market style has been popular for many years now and it's easy to see why. First off, you're likely to pay less for home decor when you shop the flea market. Secondly, items are a little worn yet well-loved, which means they have character. Most definitely, your favorite flea market find has a story. It may have traveled across the country. It may have belonged to someone semi-famous. Whatever its story, flea market finds possess an intrigue … [Read more...]

Dirty Little Bottles

Yes, I'm actually writing about dirty little bottles because it has a cute story. This is just a quick post to share some little treasures that I found this past weekend at our local flea market. The Kane County Flea Market is held the first weekend of each month, and is one of the largest in the area. Lots of vendors, lots of shoppers, and plenty of goodies. Like these vintage bottles that I found for a few dollars. I don't know why I love old … [Read more...]

How to Stencil a Canvas Bag ~ Flea Market Style

The other day I saw a canvas bag that said "Farm Market" on it and I thought ... why not create a similar bag for my monthly trips to our local flea market? The vendors always put your items into plastic grocery bags and I'm always afraid they're going to rip while shopping. A canvas bag would eliminate this problem though. After toying with how to decorate it, I'm now ready to share how to stencil a canvas bag. I have to be honest; I wasn't … [Read more...]

Summer Flea Market Finds

Flea markets are my favorite shopping haunts but this summer I haven't been buying too much. Sometimes I'll find a ton of stuff (too much stuff, really) and other times at the market I'm just not into it. Everything starts to look the same. Does that ever happen to you? Here are this summer's flea market finds that I haven't shared with you yet. Vintage books are something I always keep my eyes open for. I look for books in pleasing colors with … [Read more...]

Flea Market Style

Welcome to another installment of Humpdays with Houzz! On Wednesdays I share inspiration and decorating ideas from the popular web site. Today is all about flea market style, which is vintage and eclectic all at once. My favorite place to shop for home decor is our local Kane County Flea Market, held once a month. Eclectic Kitchen by Venice Architects & Building Designers tumbleweed and This cottage kitchen has flea market … [Read more...]

Vintage Finds at Main Street Market Event

A couple weekends ago hubby and I attended the Main Street Market event in Rockford, Illinois. I knew some of the vendors that were going to be there so figured it'd be a fun outing. The weather was perfect and hubby was a good sport ... especially since it was also his birthday!  He's a keeper, don't you think? We saw a mix of vintage finds and newer items like the country style signs.   Main Street Market was held at the Midway Village … [Read more...]

Bargain Flea Market Finds ~ May 2014

Another flea market weekend has come and gone at the Kane County Flea Market in Illinois. The market is held the first weekend of each month from March through December and it's a big flea market! The doors open at noon but they'll let you in early, which is a wise thing to do because you can hit the best vendors before the crowds approach. Within just a few minutes I encountered the first of my flea market finds for the weekend ... I saw it out … [Read more...]

Kane County Flea Market Finds ~ April 2014

Our local Kane County Flea Market is touted by USA Today as one of the 10 top places to shop for antiques, and I have to agree. It's a pretty big flea market and it's always a highlight for me each month. As with any shopping spree, some outings are more productive than others.  In March, there weren't a lot of vendors and I didn't find much of anything, but April was better and I found some good flea market finds this past weekend for decent … [Read more...]

November Flea Market Haul

Do you shop flea markets? If you do, have you ever been to one where nothing jumped off the shelf and screamed "Take me home!" And so you leave empty-handed and disappointed, like a kid at Christmas who didn't get that Red Ryder BB Gun. Our flea market rolls into town once a month and it's a doozy! The last two times I went nothing really tugged at my heart strings, but I'm happy to say that wasn't the case this past Saturday. I found a few … [Read more...]

Country Living Fair in Ohio – Part One

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of going to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio. Let me just say that Country Living magazine has been my fave magazine for at least 25 years, so when the opportunity to go to the Fair came to fruition, I couldn't wait! Hubby tagged along and we made a weekend of it. I took so many photos that I've decided to divide them into two posts. The fair was held on the grounds of Ohio Village which has several … [Read more...]

June Flea Market Finds

Our local Kane County Flea Market is held the first weekend of every month March through December and I rarely miss it. This month was no exception and I found a few treasures. I'm always on the hunt for white ironstone and vintage mirrors and usually come home with something. So what did I find last weekend? Let's start with the white ironstone, which is always my favorite flea market find!   This gorgeous, large white ironstone pitcher … [Read more...]

May Flea Market Finds

Last month I shared my finds from the Kane County Flea Market, which is held the first weekend of every month. I decided I would continue to share my treasures each month from the flea market revealing what I paid for each item. I always try to find a bargain but I'm sure there will be times when I overpay for something. This month I found a few things, but not as impressive as April's flea market finds, in my opinion. It seemed like prices were … [Read more...]

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