5 Inspiring Ways to Create a Cottage Style Garden

This summer we're working more on the outside of our house, which includes painting it ... ugh!  But I'm also lending a critical eye to our garden spaces. I've always wanted a cottage style garden ... you know, that riotous floral look with foxgloves stretching high and daisies spilling out of a picket fence. So I searched on Houzz for inspirational cottage garden ideas and came up with 5 ways to achieve this relaxed and sometimes messy look. … [Read more...]

Mellow Yellow: The Color of Choice

I confess ... it was difficult for me to brush yellow paint across the pink clapboards of my circa 1875 historic home. But the pink was looking faded and I felt a jolt of sunshine was needed. It took months to choose trim colors but we eventually settled on Cottage White, a dark shade of green called Blade, and Candle (some shade of red ... not quite sure what you'd call it, exactly). I toyed with lavendar because it's directly opposite yellow on … [Read more...]

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