Rusty Bucket Gets Frenchified

This rusty bucket has been hanging around my front porch forever. I can't remember where exactly I got this, but I'm pretty sure I either picked it off a garbage pile fore free or grabbed it at a garage sale for just a buck or two. Anywho ... it's time this bucket started earning its keep so it got a scrubbing and a makeover.Here's what she looks like today after getting cleaned up. I left some of the rust on it to give it texture under the … [Read more...]

Some Women Like Shoes. I Like Bottles!

Been workin' on a few more bottles. Trying different looks and different techniques so creativity doesn't get in a rut. Speaking of ruts, I saw a couple of bottles in ruts by the side of the road while I was out for my morning run. I've gotta remember to go back and get 'em ... you know, just doin' my part to keep the roadside clean! I found these bottles at my secret garbage dump. Cute shapes crying for a makeover. The French labels are, of … [Read more...]

Little French Transfer Crate

My find of the week was a small, unfinished crate. Raw wood, "plain pipe racks" as mi madre would say. It looked at me in the Goodwill store and said, "You know you want me!" So for fifty cents I made it mine. I failed to take a "before" shot but you've seen these plain crates all over creation. Mine now wears Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Louis Blue. The Louis Blue paint then got a coat of whitewash, which I rubbed off. I added a French transfer … [Read more...]

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