Bookcase Makeover

Today we just finished painting the outside of our house and you'd think I'd be sick and tired of painting, but I decided to paint my little bookcase in the family room. I have a big change coming soon to this room but more on that in a future post. For now, I'll just share my bookcase makeover. Here's the "after" ... I wanted my bookcase to have a little bit more drama than before.   Here she is before her makeover. Not bad ... but not … [Read more...]

Roadside Rescue Game Table

Hubby and I have officially started painting the outside of our house. And let me tell ya, it's a lot of work ... lots of scraping and some boards need to be replaced. Not to mention we have a lot of trim to paint in a few different colors. But before all that got started, I gave a roadside rescue game table a makeover. Here she is ... my trashy little table-turned-treasure sitting all pretty on my front porch.   Hubby found this … [Read more...]

How to Quickly Update a Porch Glider ~ Inspire Me Challenge

Today is the day of the final reveal of my porch glider update. Last week I mentioned that I'm joining 12 other bloggers in the "Inspire Me Challenge" for a simple DIY project. You can see all their projects too, listed at the end of this post. Are you ready to see my new and improved porch glider? Here she is! A fresh coat of paint and new cushions give her life and color she didn't have before.   This is what she looked like before. … [Read more...]

Five Dollar Dressers

This past week I found not one, but two $5 dressers at the local Thrift Saver. They're not glamorous. Just simple, utilitarian dressers that get the job done. I was looking for one long dresser but when I spied two of 'em, I figured they'd work just fine. Here's the after photo ... Both dressers were re-painted to look the same. ASCP Paris Gray with ASCP Graphite on the knobs. A little distressing and waxing and they're done!This is the … [Read more...]

Ikea Cabinet Meets Annie Sloan

Several years ago I purchased an Ikea cabinet to house my computer. The pieces came in a box with illustrative assembly instructions (no text - just pics). I'm proud to say I put this cabinet together all by myself. Although the wood grain was pretty, I decided to paint and embellish it. This is the Ikea computer cabinet after I was done with her.This is the before, which I know some people might prefer. I like it this way too, it's just a … [Read more...]

Little Table on the Side

After decoupaging my kitchen stools, I had a little bit of leftover black toile paper itchin' to get pasted somewhere useful. I also had just a little bit of script paper leftover from the decoupage desk project. And well, there was my little ho-hum side table that was looking a little forlorn. I found it at the Kane County Flea Market last year for $10 and painted it white, then distressed it. It was okay, but I wasn't completely satisfied with … [Read more...]

Flea Market Stools for the Kitchen

Every kitchen island needs a couple stools where friends can sit and hang out while you finish preparing morsels of tasty goodness. My kitchen island had no stools and I didn't want to buy anything new. As luck would have it, I found two matching stools on two separate occasions at the local flea market. They were painted differently so I had to give them a makeover. Here's what they look liked after redoing them ...Old Ochre from Annie Sloan … [Read more...]

Refinishing the Vintage Blanket Chest

When hubby inherited a blanket chest from his Aunt Marion, he put his foot down and told me I couldn't touch it with a paint brush. Well, after several pieces of furniture got a makeover in our home, he relented to my constant begging to re-do the vintage chest. Here she is wearing her new colors ...Aunt Marion's blanket chest now wears Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White and a special mixture of Louis Blue and Paris … [Read more...]

Skinny Armoire Makeover

About a year ago I scored an old skinny armoire for $40. It's a great piece of furniture because it doesn't take up much space. Although I loved the dark wood, it felt a little ho-hum to me. After all the fun I had painting and decoupaging my desk (check it out here), I decided to apply the same technique to my skinny armoire, using a blue script paper from Michael' The desk is in a different room so I didn't think this would be decoupage … [Read more...]

Decoupage Desk

About 15 years ago I bought a little black desk for $35. Since that time, it's been painted a couple different colors ... mainly because I was never satisfied with it. But now, I think that's all changed. I think my little desk has finally discovered who it was meant to be. This is the after photo. In this picture, it doesn't look too different from the before photo ...It was worn, tired and dirty.Enter a little Annie Sloan Chalk Paint … [Read more...]

My Bathing Beauty

Slow but sure, room by room, my house is undergoing a transformation of sorts. Not a full-fledged remodeling assault ... just a simple sprucing up. A fresh coat of paint here, a new rug there. Hubby is rolling his eyes thinking, "here we go again." And so, without further ado ...Hubby installed the molding (love him!). I painted the upper walls in Linen, the bottom wears Simply White.Thankfully the old toilet still functions. I love its … [Read more...]

Spreadin’ the Blog Love

Recently I've been given 2  awards that are to be passed on to other bloggers. So this post is all about spreadin' the blog love. One thing I've learned in my short time of blogging is that there are a LOT of talented bloggers out there. So many crafters, cooks, decorators, writers, photographers ... Go Girl Power! (I say this only because I've only come across a few male bloggers.) On to spreadin' the love ...Holly at Down to Earth Style … [Read more...]

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