Historic Homes: Geneva, Illinois

Many of you, my readers, have told me how much you love my walking tours around neighborhoods that showcase beautiful homes. I typically focus on older homes because I find them unique and charming. But someday I'll feature newer homes so you can see the variety of architecture in my corner of the world. Today we're enjoy a tour of historic homes in my favorite town of Geneva, Illinois (my birthplace). I've admired this blue clapboard Victorian … [Read more...]

Historic Homes of Geneva, Illinois

Easter weekend brought fabulous weather to our neck of the woods with sunshine and warm breezes. Mind you, we sometimes have snow on Easter Sunday. But it was so nice out that we took a walk in my home town of Geneva, Illinois before heading over to my sister's house for dinner. The historic homes are beautiful and I never tire of admiring them. Some of the older homes in Geneva have been converted to stores or offices. I love this old stone … [Read more...]

Quaint Village Homes in Geneva, Illinois

Older homes with wrap around porches and architectural detail have a charm all their own. Normally when I post walking tours of neighborhoods I choose to share the historic homes. But today, hubby and I ventured to Mill Creek subdivision in Geneva, Illinois to bring you a sampling of newer "village homes" that have quaint appeal. What I love about this neighborhood in Mill Creek is the nostalgic feel of the homes and the streets. This bungalow … [Read more...]

15 Historic Homes in Geneva Illinois

It's been a while since I've shared a walking tour of historic homes but I finally managed to head back to my hometown of Geneva, Illinois to photograph 15 beautiful houses for you to enjoy. Geneva is where I was born and raised and now we live about 10 miles away, so it's just a hop, skip, and a jump from our driveway. A classic white house celebrates summer with hanging ferns and a tiny sailboat in the garden. This house reminds me of similar … [Read more...]

The Campbell Street House

If you follow my blog, you know I like to take exterior photos of historic homes in the area and give ya'll a tour. Recently I found that one of those historic homes in Geneva is now up for sale and I was able to grab some interior photos (source of photo if not mine is Miscella Real Estate). This is the historic house on Campbell Street that I love.It's not extravagant, rather, it has simple clean lines and pretty urns out front. All … [Read more...]

Running Down River Lane

This summer I'm helping my daughter Bridget train for her first half marathon, which is 13.1 miles long. We meet on the bike trail by the Fox River every Sunday for the weekly "long run," adding another mile each week. Part of the trail is under construction and the detour takes us down River Lane in Geneva, Illinois. I grew up in Geneva and have been down this street hundreds of times, but while running it occurred to me to take some photos of … [Read more...]

The Classic White House

White houses can be clean and modern, shabby and charming, stately and elegant, or classic and traditional. So here's a salute to the All-American dream, the pride and joy of a well-loved home. All homes were photographed in Geneva, Illinois, where I spent the first 25 years of my life. Unfortunately, I didn't grow up in a historic home ... but at least I live in one now! A girl named Bambi used to live in this house.Growing up, I always … [Read more...]

Fox Valley Tour of Homes

Old houses tug at my heart strings ... they offer quirky character not found in homes built today. You know, things like creaky stairs, floors that a marble can roll across without a push from the finger, drafty doors ... stuff like that. But more importantly, old homes offer the charm of imperfection only found after many years of love and living. And so, when I need a pick-me-up, I can always count on the beautiful, historic homes of the Fox … [Read more...]

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