French Box Giveaway

A couple months ago I had every intention of offering a giveaway for my 100th post. Well, my 100th post came and went. So now, a few blog posts beyond 100 I'm giving away 2 French style boxes. The first box is this little cream number that I just finished altering. It measures about 6.5" x 5.5" and is 2.5" deep.The lid wears a graphic transfer - the graphic is from The Graphics Fairy. Both the lid interior and the bottom interior are … [Read more...]

Pretty Little Boxes

I love pretty boxes! They usually hold pretty things. I have some "new" boxes in my possession. Some of the boxes shown in this post are mine, and some are part of a package that I won at Rhonda's giveaway at A Little Bit French. I'll show you the little boxes Rhonda made, first. They're so adorable! These little matchboxes are graced with French book pages, lace, and French graphics.I love the graphics Rhonda chose for these precious little … [Read more...]

How to Transfer Graphics with Mod Podge

Recently I've shared a couple projects where I've used Mod Podge to transfer graphics. I've gotten several emails asking questions about the process so I've created this tutorial in hopes of helping those that struggle with graphic transfers, much like I did until I found this method and tweaked it slightly. You could also Google "graphic transfers" and get other methods for accomplishing this fun task.This simple box started out as a … [Read more...]

Some Women Like Shoes. I Like Bottles!

Been workin' on a few more bottles. Trying different looks and different techniques so creativity doesn't get in a rut. Speaking of ruts, I saw a couple of bottles in ruts by the side of the road while I was out for my morning run. I've gotta remember to go back and get 'em ... you know, just doin' my part to keep the roadside clean! I found these bottles at my secret garbage dump. Cute shapes crying for a makeover. The French labels are, of … [Read more...]

French Inspired Boxes

This week I've been working on some more decoupage boxes and altered bottles in hopes of opening up a little shop on Etsy. And I have to confess, I've been procrastinating because I'm a little insecure about it. What if no one buys my stuff? What if I don't price it right? "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Isn't that how the saying goes?I started with plain, paper mache boxes from Hobby Lobby and added script paper. I had a … [Read more...]

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