Choosing My New Exterior Paint Colors

This weekend was really busy and I got a lot done. Took the grandkids to the park and watched Peppa Pig together, Visited Dad in the hospital, went to the flea market, And oh yeah ... painted most of the front porch. Are you ready to see the new exterior paint colors? (I should note here that it was a 3-day weekend.) I went bold! Oh yes I did. This vivid aqua color is outta my comfort zone. But I saw a photo that inspired me to be … [Read more...]

Living with Painted Floors

For the longest time I've adored painted floors, so when I ripped up the carpet in my current home shortly after moving in, I was thrilled to see painted floors underneath. They were white, and while I love white painted floors, it wasn't practical for kids and pets. I lived with the white floors for several months but was constantly cleaning them because you could see every speck of dirt and every strand of pet hair. So out came the dark … [Read more...]

The Charm of Built-In Cupboards

For the majority of my life I've loved older homes ... the main reason being all the charm that's built into them. No two seem to be alike and I love that. I once lived in a brand new home in a new subdivision and many of my neighbors had the same floor plan as me. I quickly learned that I prefer old and charming over new and efficient. One thing that I love about older homes is they often come equipped with unique built-in cupboards. Of course, … [Read more...]

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Last year we were supposed to paint the outside of our house. Guess what? It didn't get done. I was training for a marathon and just didn't have the energy or desire to tackle it. Now I have plantar fasciitis and can't run for the time being so no excuses this year. We have to get the house painted ... talk about chippy, shabby chic!  The paint is now falling off the house in small pieces! Yeah, it's pretty bad. I will never put vinyl siding on … [Read more...]

How to Make Moss Covered Garden Pots

Last year at our local flea market I came upon a vendor with gorgeous topiaries sprouting from moss covered garden pots. Her plants were a little pricey but I loved the pots and caved to temptation, taking two of them home with me. But a few months later their appeal lost its luster and I neglected the plants, almost killing them both. Thankfully, I was able to nurse them back to health, but the moss growing on the pots faded. Lucky for me, I … [Read more...]

Exposed Brick Walls

After spending a little time on Houzz the other day, I had a whim to dedicate one day a week to stuff I love other there ... and so begins Humpdays with Houzz! Each week I'm going to focus on some type of design element and share it with you. Houzz lets you easily embed their photos onto your own site. If you click on the photo - you'll be taken to the original for more information. My goal is to provide creative design and decorating … [Read more...]

Spring and Easter Decorating

Easter is still about a month away but I've started bringing a little of the holiday into my home, along with touches of spring. I love the colors of spring and Easter decorating ... I've always been attracted to white and pastels. All week a group of us bloggers are bringing a little Spring and Easter decorating to you ... be sure to visit the other blogs at the end of this post. My living room shelf is populated with bunnies, chicks, and … [Read more...]

Announcing the Charming Home Series on Sundays!

These past few days it's been hard for me to keep quiet about the Charming Home Series I'm launching next Sunday! I'm super excited about it but wanted to wait until today to announce it. In a nutshell, every Sunday I'm going to showcase a charming home ... all for your viewing pleasure! A few of my fellow bloggers' homes are lined up for the first few weeks and I can't wait to share with you what makes them so beautiful and charming! Some of … [Read more...]

Celebrating Everyday Life ~ March/April Issue

One of my favorite magazines is Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll. The photography and projects are all so beautiful and inspiring. I was looking forward to this spring issue and am happy that Jennifer is allowing me to share some of the magazine pages with you! Further down is a button to order the full issue. The beautiful cover is just the beginning of all the gorgeousness tucked inside!   A spring-inspired breakfast … [Read more...]

Open Shelving Ideas for the Kitchen

No doubt about it, I'm a huge fan of open shelving in the kitchen.  I find I actually keep my open shelves more tidy than my closed cabinets, which is a good thing! Today I'm sharing open shelving ideas over at Live Creatively Inspired ... but before you hop on over there, I thought I'd share open shelving ideas here on my blog, too.  Most of the photos come from Houzz, which lets you embed photos that people have shared. How cool is that? Just … [Read more...]

Celebrating Spring Bliss!

Ah, the colors of spring! I love them all! Pink, yellow, lavender, spring green, pale blue, and more.  The scent of spring intoxicates me, as well. A whiff of fragrant lilacs mingled with the smell of fresh earth warming up. What's not to love?Today I'm sharing some spring color over at Jennifer Rizzo's blog with a tutorial on how to add color to plain, white napkins using simple stencils. The process is easy and the result is so … [Read more...]

How to Create a Colorful Centerpiece

Spring has officially sprung but we still have a few remnant snow piles hangin' on for dear life. This time of year I find it harder to pass by the floral section of the grocery store without snatching up a few blooms. I can't wait until I can clip fresh flowers from the yard, but for now I have to settle for store-bought. I thought it would be fun to show you how I created a colorful centerpiece with my latest bunch of cheery flowers. I like my … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Hanging Globe Terrariums

There's a store in the next town over. It's earthy. It's a little funky. And the fragrance of fresh dirt mixed with a hint of patchouli washes over you as you walk in the door. You find yourself bathed in ethereal comfort ... it's therapeutic, actually. A mix of unique plants, vintage decor, and artwork by local artisans make up the list of wares for sale. My mission during my recent visit was to gather enough supplies to make my own hanging … [Read more...]

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