Warm and Cozy Living Room: 10 Ideas

Lately I've had a craving! Not for chocolate, but for a warm and cozy living room that leaves you feeling like you've just been given a big old hug. Photo by Tommy Chambers Interiors, Inc.   There are many ways to create a warm and cozy living room. Mix and match fabrics to provide depth - and of course, light a fire in the fireplace. Photo by Дарья Харитонова   Natural woodwork and a beautiful rug lends cozy warmth to any … [Read more...]

11 Charming Living Room Ideas to Inspire You

As summer starts to wane, you might be thinking of your fall decor. Here's a collection of 11 charming living rooms to inspire you as your rooms transition from summer to fall. Photo by Dillen Design   Keep a pop of color in your rooms that match the cheerful late summer flowers outdoors. The color of zinnias and sunflowers is a good place to start. Photo by GIL WALSH INTERIORS   Lucky is the person who owns a two-way fireplace! … [Read more...]

14 Shabby Chic Living Room Ideas to Enhance Romance

Worn painted furniture and faded chintz curtains and fabrics evoke the aura of Old World vintage comfort. This collection of 14 shabby chic living room ideas is sure to stir a bit of romance in your decorating heart! Photo by Cabbages & Roses Ltd   Slip-covered furniture is often used to provide an updated look to worn but sturdy furniture. Incorporate a ruffle or two to increase the romantic feature. Photo by Tracey Rapisardi … [Read more...]

How to Create a Cozy Spring Family Room

May has arrived and it finally feels like spring in Illinois! Today I'm joining a few friends for our monthly "Cozy Living" series that's published the first Saturday of each month. I thought I'd share how to create a cozy spring family room using my own space as an example.   My inspiration was this beautiful white Portuguese bowl from HomeGoods. I knew I wanted just one item for the coffee table and spied this beauty while wandering … [Read more...]

Simple Steps to Spring Decorating: How To Guide

Welcome to Spring Styling Week! I'm joining fellow bloggers to bring you spring decorating inspiration for different areas of your home. What's different about this blog tour is that we're all sharing simple steps to spring decorating. Each day of this week focuses on a certain room. You'll find all the links at the end of this post. Today centers on decorating living and family rooms. Or in my case, the sitting room.   Step One: … [Read more...]

Living Rooms to Love

While we all might want pretty rooms in our homes, they need to be livable too. In the living room, it's important to have comfortable furniture arranged to create conversation areas. And if the room is large enough, maybe even a space for a reading nook or a desk too. Here's a collection of living rooms to love in a variety of styles. Beautiful green and blue combine to create a cheery cottage style living room. Large windows and architectural … [Read more...]

My New Farmhouse Sitting Room

For over a year, hubby and I have been toying with the idea of selling our house. I thought we were going to put it on the market this March, but now I have cold feet. And now I'm wondering what we could do with our existing home to make us stay ... like the "Love It or List It Show" on HGTV. These thoughts and emotions got me to thinking this weekend and inspired me to create a new farmhouse sitting room. If you read my blog regularly, you know … [Read more...]

Living Rooms with Beautiful Style

Last week I featured a collection of pretty kitchens. Today I thought I'd share living rooms with beautiful style. Each one is unique and I think you'll find something to love in each space. Blue and white is a classic color scheme and you really can't go wrong when you pair these two in any space. Add a splash of yellow if you feel like adding a bit of fun. Photo by Tom Stringer Design Partners   Cream and white looks pretty and elegant … [Read more...]

10 Living Rooms to Love

According to the dictionary, a living room is a room in the house used by family for leisure activities or entertaining guests. But growing up, our living room was a formal area where we weren't allowed to go. The only time I remember using that room at all was on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Today, with more homes embracing open concept floor plans, living rooms and family rooms have merged into one big room. Regardless of which room in your … [Read more...]

Small Space Living Rooms

Lately I've turned a critical eye to both my living room and family room. Neither room is particularly large, but they're adjacent to each other with a fairly large doorway so the spaces feel spacious. I thought I would use today's "Humpday with Houzz" to do a little research and find small space living rooms that I like for future inspiration. Farmhouse Living Room by Atlanta Architects & Designers Historical Concepts I've loved this room … [Read more...]

Spring Tiptoes through the Living Room

While we were getting 10 inches of snow outside, I was fluffing the living room with a few touches of spring. The longer days are cheering my spirits despite the fact that Old Man Winter is hangin' on for dear life. I brought in a few greens and changed the arrangement on the shelf above the loveseat. Look closely and you'll see our precious Puddy lurking in the dining room. He's our rescue kitty and he's been such a good little boy. We found … [Read more...]

My Experience Being Published in an Italian Decor Magazine

Less than 2 months ago I received an email from Annarita Triarico, an Italian journalist working for Lotus Publishing. She wanted to feature my home in one of their magazines, "Gli Speciali di Casa Chic."  At first I thought it was a joke, but I looked at their publishing site and realized it was a legitimate request. Unfortunately, this magazine is not for sale in the United States, but I'll receive several hard copies of my own. As you'll see … [Read more...]

Dealing with a Quirky Living Room

Ever since we moved into our circa 1875 house sixteen years ago, I've struggled with the living room. It's somewhat long and narrow and has a lot of doorways in it. It's stuck in the center of the floor plan so you really have to think about traffic patterns in this room. The living room is joined to the family room on the left, with a door to the laundry room on the right. To get from any room to the staircase, you have to walk through the … [Read more...]

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