Turning Trash into Treasure ~ Bloggers’ Swap

It's time once again for "Swap It Like It's Hot!!" ¬†Charlotte at Ciburbanity organized a thrifting swap where we purchased something at our local thrift store and sent it to another blogger. That blogger then turns that "trash" into "treasure" and we've been sharing all week. Today it's my turn! Jillian from I Am a Homemaker sent a package of treasures to me to transform and I'm hoping I don't disappoint! I turned Jillian's thrift store finds … [Read more...]

Roadside Rescue Game Table

Hubby and I have officially started painting the outside of our house. And let me tell ya, it's a lot of work ... lots of scraping and some boards need to be replaced. Not to mention we have a lot of trim to paint in a few different colors. But before all that got started, I gave a roadside rescue game table a makeover. Here she is ... my trashy little table-turned-treasure sitting all pretty on my front porch.   Hubby found this … [Read more...]

Five Dollar Dressers

This past week I found not one, but two $5 dressers at the local Thrift Saver. They're not glamorous. Just simple, utilitarian dressers that get the job done. I was looking for one long dresser but when I spied two of 'em, I figured they'd work just fine. Here's the after photo ... Both dressers were re-painted to look the same. ASCP Paris Gray with ASCP Graphite on the knobs. A little distressing and waxing and they're done!This is the … [Read more...]

The Angel Who Almost Got Away

Someone once told me we're creative because we're made in the image of God, and God is the ultimate creator. We are all creators of something. Some of us create homes for our families, some create ideas for others to execute, and some of us create trouble! And sometimes we re-create, expanding on someone else's original idea. Recently I found an angel at the thrift store that I thought would look better with a little enhancement. Here she is … [Read more...]

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