Dreamy Blue Bedroom

When I think of bedrooms, I always think of blue and white. Blue is such a restful color while white lends a crisp pop. Our bedroom isn't cluttered ... rather, it displays a minimalist decor point of view. I've tried to include some softness to keep it from looking too cold, but I like that it's not busy. I think a cluttered bedroom would keep me awake, but that's just me. The little pink lamp was a $25 find at Amazing Grace Antiques. The bed was … [Read more...]

Divine Dining

My 140-year-old dining room is screaming for a re-do. Well, maybe not screaming ... but it could use a little help. I'm happy with the colors; Martha Stewart's Quaking Aspen green walls paired with white trim, but the table and chairs could use some freshening up. The windows could use some dressing, too. Right now they're graced with a simple, white, roman shade. So I've been perusing some photos for inspiration ...This print of Carl Larsson's … [Read more...]

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