Fixin’ a Decorating Boo-Boo

So I thought I was done with my dining room. But then I submitted a couple photos to Hometalk as part of a Favorite Room thing they were doing and they posted my dining room pic (along with other people's favorite rooms) on their Facebook page and that's when the fun began! Some people said nice things, a couple other people said my Windsor chairs looked ridiculously gigantic compared to the other chairs at the table. After I brushed off my … [Read more...]

Dry Sink Full O’ Fall

When I bought the new buffet, it replaced the dry sink which meant the dry sink needed to move. The dry sink took up residence where the bookshelf used to be. The bookshelf didn't belong in the dining room anyway. The dry sink is painted white using regular latex paint. I think I'm going to paint it Old White using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. This way, it will match the dining table and buffet.The mirror used to be gold. I painted it today in … [Read more...]

Love at First Sight: My New Buffet

I wasn't expecting it. Really, I wasn't. A recent trip to Carter's Cottage for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint resulted in taking home more than a simple can of paint. You can't just go into Carter's, grab some paint and go. No, you have to look around and admire all the new eye candy that the ladies put together. That's when I saw this little number.I did a double-take. Now mind you, there is oodles of gorgeous furniture like this in the … [Read more...]

Church Sale Chairs Get a Makeover

Special Note: The winner of the French Box Giveaway is revealed at the end of this post.Each year, the church down the street from me has their big sale to raise money. Every year I find something and this year was no different. A couple of chairs were sitting outside just waiting for their forever home. They were a steal so I didn't mind having to give them a bit of a makeover. Here are the chairs after I got done with them. They're going in the … [Read more...]

My Claw Foot Tub Gets Frenchified

This weekend marks the third time this year that I've painted the bathroom. And I'm happy to say I think I finally found the right color and the right touches. Still a few more tweaks to be made but I think I'm on the right track now. Took long enough!Here's my beloved claw foot tub. It took me years to get up the nerve to paint her. In my last bathroom post, I said I wanted to paint her, and ya'll encouraged me to do it.About 99% of … [Read more...]

Full Length Mirror for the Bedroom

For the longest time I've been looking for a full length mirror to put in the bedroom. I either see a gorgeous mirror with a price tag I don't like, or I see the right price but the mirror is just so-so. I didn't want to settle. I didn't have to. I found the oval mirror at a yard sale for just $1. It didn't have a frame, but I grabbed it anyway. My first thought was to get some plywood or an old door and wood appliques.  But then I remembered I … [Read more...]

Rusty Bucket Gets Frenchified

This rusty bucket has been hanging around my front porch forever. I can't remember where exactly I got this, but I'm pretty sure I either picked it off a garbage pile fore free or grabbed it at a garage sale for just a buck or two. Anywho ... it's time this bucket started earning its keep so it got a scrubbing and a makeover.Here's what she looks like today after getting cleaned up. I left some of the rust on it to give it texture under the … [Read more...]

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