Wooden Christmas Ornaments with Free Printable

Next week is Thanksgiving and I've been trying to get the majority of my Christmas decorating done before then. I've never finished decorating for the holidays this early, but this year I want to spend as much time as possible with my family during the holiday season. I'm also keeping my decorating simpler and feel much less stressed than I did last year. I do enjoy small Christmas projects though, like the wooden Christmas ornaments I recently … [Read more...]

Christmas in the Family Room

As we get closer to Christmas, I've been showing more details of each room that's been decorated. Today I'm sharing the family room. I'm saving the Christmas tree in the living room for last, although I showed one pic of it in my Holiday Home Tour post. Anywho ... on to the family room. Sticking with my "Keep It Simple Stupid" theme this year, I didn't get too fussy with the decorating in here. In fact, I used a couple kitties to decorate. My … [Read more...]

My Passion for Book Page Crafts

Lately I'm becoming more and more drawn to anything made with book pages! Within minutes the words on a book's page take you to another place and time. The musty smell of an old book with an elegant cover is a sensory pleasure I'll always treasure. And when you're done with a book, you can transform it into a work of art. I've been collecting books for projects around the house and thanks to Pinterest, I'm finding an unending supply of crafts to … [Read more...]

Gettin’ My Holiday Groove On

Can I just say something before sharing the latest round of holiday shots? I'm worn out! I've never been exposed to so much talent and inspiration until I discovered blogland ... and while I want to try all the latest projects I see ... I just can't keep up! I had plans for embroidered ornaments, burlap stockings, moss Christmas trees and more. But it's just not gonna happen, seeing that Christmas is less than a week away. But you know what? I'm … [Read more...]

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

"Rockin' around the Christmas tree, at the Christmas party hop." Thank you, Brenda Lee, for making this holiday song such a classic. Tis the season for sharing gifts, food, and most importantly ... love and joy. Unfortunately, Christmas can be stressful and even sad for many. I think it's important not to get too freaked out about making everything perfect. Instead, have some fun by letting down your hair and rockin' around your Christmas tree. … [Read more...]

Christmas Baubles and Beads: Part One

The sun graced our home early this morning so I quick snatched the camera to take advantage of the light streaming through the windows. Snapping photos like a wild woman, I took too many for just one blog post, so this is part one of sharing some of the ornaments on my tree. Shiny orbs always catch my eye, and I've got plenty of 'em. And of course, pink and green is a favorite combo.My personal Christmas tree philosophy is that you can … [Read more...]

Around Geneva: Christmas Porches and Doors

The sun came out for a change today, so I grabbed my camera at lunch and took a walk around town practicing some shots. In my recent post about claw foot tubs I mentioned I was getting a new camera. So with my new Nikon D3000 in hand, I braved the cold knowing the sun would wash out the colors a bit. I've admired this house since I can remember. It's worn different colors over the years and it always looks gorgeous. Such a classic home … [Read more...]

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