10 Examples of Painted Trim

One of the fastest and easiest ways to give your home a fresh new look is with paint.  Normally we think of painting our walls, but what about painting your trim a different color?  Although I love the look of beautiful wood trim throughout a house, I also enjoy painted trim and the way it can transform a room! A beautiful teal color sets off the windows and doors in this home with its nod to Craftsman style. The use of color gives this dining … [Read more...]

Clapboard Farmhouse ~ She’s Finally Painted!

Omigoodness it seemed like forever before hubby and I would ever finish painting our clapboard farmhouse! We started the project toward the end of July and finally brushed the last bit of paint on her the weekend before Halloween ... just before it got cold. Hubby predicted it would take 3 months and he was right.We had to cut down the bushes in the front of the house to paint it. Which really didn't bother me because they were overgrown … [Read more...]

Rummage Sale Wooden Tote Gets a Makeover

Our little town has a huge festival the weekend before school starts. The whole town along with their friends and families swoop down to attend a 2-hour parade on Friday night. On Saturdays, there are oodles of rummage and yard sales. The local Catholic church has the biggest selection and that's where I found my rummage sale wooden tote to make over. Here's what my rummage sale wooden tote looks like after its makeover. It now wears a coat of … [Read more...]

Choosing My New Exterior Paint Colors

This weekend was really busy and I got a lot done. Took the grandkids to the park and watched Peppa Pig together, Visited Dad in the hospital, went to the flea market, And oh yeah ... painted most of the front porch. Are you ready to see the new exterior paint colors? (I should note here that it was a 3-day weekend.) I went bold! Oh yes I did. This vivid aqua color is outta my comfort zone. But I saw a photo that inspired me to be … [Read more...]

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Last year we were supposed to paint the outside of our house. Guess what? It didn't get done. I was training for a marathon and just didn't have the energy or desire to tackle it. Now I have plantar fasciitis and can't run for the time being so no excuses this year. We have to get the house painted ... talk about chippy, shabby chic!  The paint is now falling off the house in small pieces! Yeah, it's pretty bad. I will never put vinyl siding on … [Read more...]

Full Length Mirror for the Bedroom

For the longest time I've been looking for a full length mirror to put in the bedroom. I either see a gorgeous mirror with a price tag I don't like, or I see the right price but the mirror is just so-so. I didn't want to settle. I didn't have to. I found the oval mirror at a yard sale for just $1. It didn't have a frame, but I grabbed it anyway. My first thought was to get some plywood or an old door and wood appliques.  But then I remembered I … [Read more...]

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