Fixin’ a Decorating Boo-Boo

So I thought I was done with my dining room. But then I submitted a couple photos to Hometalk as part of a Favorite Room thing they were doing and they posted my dining room pic (along with other people's favorite rooms) on their Facebook page and that's when the fun began! Some people said nice things, a couple other people said my Windsor chairs looked ridiculously gigantic compared to the other chairs at the table. After I brushed off my … [Read more...]

My Claw Foot Tub Gets Frenchified

This weekend marks the third time this year that I've painted the bathroom. And I'm happy to say I think I finally found the right color and the right touches. Still a few more tweaks to be made but I think I'm on the right track now. Took long enough!Here's my beloved claw foot tub. It took me years to get up the nerve to paint her. In my last bathroom post, I said I wanted to paint her, and ya'll encouraged me to do it.About 99% of … [Read more...]

Five Dollar Dressers

This past week I found not one, but two $5 dressers at the local Thrift Saver. They're not glamorous. Just simple, utilitarian dressers that get the job done. I was looking for one long dresser but when I spied two of 'em, I figured they'd work just fine. Here's the after photo ... Both dressers were re-painted to look the same. ASCP Paris Gray with ASCP Graphite on the knobs. A little distressing and waxing and they're done!This is the … [Read more...]

A Little Bit o’ Honey for Sale

At a recent farm market event, my daughter yearned for a Honey 4 Sale sign on display. She was tempted to buy it, but I talked her out of it by promising to make one for her. I started with a plain old wooden cutting board that I bought at Goodwill for one dollar. The first layer is a special mix of Paris Gray and Louis Blue chalk paint from Annie Sloan. A light white wash came next, rubbing half of it off.I found a bee's nest along with some … [Read more...]

Finishing Up a Few Projects

Although I've been wanting to work on some projects around the house, I've been finishing up some craft projects these days. It's been so hot, I just haven't had the energy or drive to tackle some of the home stuff like painting the tub, painting the kitchen, and don't remind me ... painting the outside of the house. Ugh! Definitely too hot for that! So here are some of the things I've accomplished the last couple weeks. The new oil painting was … [Read more...]

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