How to Make Pillows in Minutes

Yes, you really can make pillows in just minutes ... which means less than an hour. In just a couple hours I made 6 pillows. I'm always looking for pillows to change my rooms from season to season, but they start to get expensive. Not only that, but they take up storage space. So I decided to make pillow covers that I can swap out from season to season. No more storing big fluffy pillows! Now I can just swap out the covers and fold and put away … [Read more...]

DIY Vintage Style Pillow Cases

Back in the day when I used to sew a lot, I loved looking through all the rows of¬†fabrics at the Golden Thimble. Even as a young girl I was drawn to vintage style calico, cotton blends, and pretty lace. In 8th grade home economics class we had to sew a piece of clothing and wear it in a fashion show. I was the only one who made a dress. Unfortunately, one sleeve ended up being longer than the other. No problem. I simply rolled up the sleeves … [Read more...]

How to Make Little Burlap Bags

Little burlap bags can be used for so many things like party favors filled with trinkets or candy, or used as a gift bag to hold a gift card, jewelry, or money. For today's tutorial, I'm showing how to make small, decorative bags.Once you make the basic bag, you can embellish it however you like. These little bags are fairly easy to make, but they do require some sewing.Start by cutting a 7"x 10" rectangle of burlap.Fold it … [Read more...]

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