Storage Under Staircases: 11 Inspiring Ideas

Our old-fashioned staircase has a window at the landing, and a storage area underneath. In order to access the storage, you have to open the door to the adjacent first floor laundry room. I love that little storage nook that's cleverly concealed with a wall, but I also love storage under staircases that's fully or partially exposed. I'm sharing 11 inspiring ideas from Houzz that might prompt you to re-think what you can do with your own … [Read more...]

Stairway to Christmas

The stairway in our home is anything but typical. It doesn't have a fancy schmancy railing and it doesn't have a grandiose curve laced with portraits of centuries-old ancestors. For Christmas, I've graced our simple staircase with greens and brightened it with mason jar candles.Our stairway isn't grand, but it isn't a "normal" staircase either. It has challenges like narrow treads and 2 small curves, one at the top and one at the … [Read more...]

The Campbell Street House

If you follow my blog, you know I like to take exterior photos of historic homes in the area and give ya'll a tour. Recently I found that one of those historic homes in Geneva is now up for sale and I was able to grab some interior photos (source of photo if not mine is Miscella Real Estate). This is the historic house on Campbell Street that I love.It's not extravagant, rather, it has simple clean lines and pretty urns out front. All … [Read more...]

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