Vintage Bottles ~ Two Ways

One thing I love about vintage bottles is they're extremely versatile when it comes to decorating. They look pretty all on their own, and they make a visual impact when grouped together. I have several types of old bottles ... clear, aqua, altered, milk bottles, etc. I change them out from time to time, putting some in storage while displaying others. After Christmas I pulled out my gray-painted bottles and created a couple of vignettes. I … [Read more...]

Summer Flea Market Finds

Flea markets are my favorite shopping haunts but this summer I haven't been buying too much. Sometimes I'll find a ton of stuff (too much stuff, really) and other times at the market I'm just not into it. Everything starts to look the same. Does that ever happen to you? Here are this summer's flea market finds that I haven't shared with you yet. Vintage books are something I always keep my eyes open for. I look for books in pleasing colors with … [Read more...]

Turning an Awkward Space into Something Useful

If there's one thing I wish my old farmhouse had, it's a designated foyer. When you open the front door you immediately step into the living room. No transitional space to hang your coat and purse before entering the rest of the home.  So I've had to figure out a way to create an entry of sorts ... an area that's not part of the general seating and conversational area in the living room. I've rearranged our living room a gazillion times and I'm … [Read more...]

Down on Na-Da Farm

Tonight was my first visit to the Na-Da Farm Barn Sale, and it did not disappoint. A few fellow bloggers were setting up booths at this market and I was especially looking forward to meeting them in person. All the wonderful eye candy and trinkets for sale were simply the frosting on the cake. Located in Esmond, Illinois, the farm is snuggled into some of the richest soil in our country. So many charming elements are found at this homestead, … [Read more...]

Bring Me a Bottle

Lately I've been lovin' bottles. I'm going to blame it on Rosemary over at Villabarnes. Ever since I bought 2 of Rosemary's bottles (one from her Etsy Shop and one from her booth at the flea market), I just can't get enough of bottles. I've actually been playing with her Old World finish a bit on bottles hubby and I found at a discreet nearby dump (yes, we scavenge through dumps ... nothing is beneath us). I've also been scouting some of our … [Read more...]

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