The Bathroom Makeover Gets a Makeover

Can we talk? I'm frustrated with my bathroom. My downstairs bathroom is kinda narrow and it has no window. It's hard to decorate and it's even harder to photograph due to complete lack of natural light. Anywho ... I gave it a makeover several months ago and wasn't happy with it. So here I am again, posting about my bathroom after a few changes. Call me crazy, but I wanna paint that claw foot tub. I don't dare though,  because someone took a lot … [Read more...]

Wall Art: Medley of Mirrors

I don't know why, but I think one of the best arrangements of art on a wall is a medley of mirrors. In my humble opinion, they don't have to match. Pair a contemporary mirror with an antique mirror. Tuck a rustic mirror next to a gilded mirror. Color doesn't matter either ... white, blue, bronze, black. Whatever your heart desires. I think an eclectic mix provides greater eye candy. Found this shabby little mirror for $15 at Carter's Cottage.  It … [Read more...]

Lilacs and Vintage Mirrors

After a long winter's nap, I find myself craving fresh flowers and lots of natural light. Whatever I can clip from the garden makes its way into the house. Shades aren't drawn until absolutely necessary. And this year, I'm collecting mirrors in order to bounce light around the room. But first, the flowers ...Lilacs smell divine! And you only need a few branches for a full bouquet.Awww. Baby Kitty adds a little softness to the spring … [Read more...]

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