Kane County Flea Market Finds ~ April 2014

Our local Kane County Flea Market is touted by USA Today as one of the 10 top places to shop for antiques, and I have to agree. It's a pretty big flea market and it's always a highlight for me each month. As with any shopping spree, some outings are more productive than others.  In March, there weren't a lot of vendors and I didn't find much of anything, but April was better and I found some good flea market finds this past weekend for decent … [Read more...]

Reflections of Christmas ~ Vintage Style

Now that my home is cleaned and the halls are properly decked with boughs of holly and other finery, I thought I'd have a little fun taking photos of my vintage mirrors reflecting the twinkly lights of my Christmas tree. I thoroughly enjoyed capturing reflections of Christmas on a quiet, snowy afternoon. My shabby little mirror offers reflections of Christmas ... simple and sweet.   A quick change of the camera's focal point provides … [Read more...]

Dealing with a Quirky Living Room

Ever since we moved into our circa 1875 house sixteen years ago, I've struggled with the living room. It's somewhat long and narrow and has a lot of doorways in it. It's stuck in the center of the floor plan so you really have to think about traffic patterns in this room.The living room is joined to the family room on the left, with a door to the laundry room on the right. To get from any room to the staircase, you have to walk through the … [Read more...]

Christmas in the Family Room

As we get closer to Christmas, I've been showing more details of each room that's been decorated. Today I'm sharing the family room. I'm saving the Christmas tree in the living room for last, although I showed one pic of it in my Holiday Home Tour post. Anywho ... on to the family room. Sticking with my "Keep It Simple Stupid" theme this year, I didn't get too fussy with the decorating in here. In fact, I used a couple kitties to decorate. My … [Read more...]

Keeping It Simple at Christmas

This year I've vowed to keep it simple for Christmas. Our tree is smaller, I'm only using about half of my decorations, I don't know if I'm even putting out my Santa collection. Instead, I'm focusing on greenery, vintage ornaments, and the philosophy that less is more.Using ordinary items around the house, an ironstone dish becomes a vessel for vintage baubles. To add a little Christmas greenery, I used Spanish moss instead of evergreens. Just … [Read more...]

Some Women Like Shoes. I Like Bottles!

Been workin' on a few more bottles. Trying different looks and different techniques so creativity doesn't get in a rut. Speaking of ruts, I saw a couple of bottles in ruts by the side of the road while I was out for my morning run. I've gotta remember to go back and get 'em ... you know, just doin' my part to keep the roadside clean! I found these bottles at my secret garbage dump. Cute shapes crying for a makeover. The French labels are, of … [Read more...]

My Little Valentine Tree

What do you do with a pile of old branches out in the yard and a pile of vintage Valentines in the craft cabinet? Why, make a Valentine Tree, of course!What's a Valentine's vignette without a cute cuddly kitten?Little Puddy loves fresh flowers. Especially Baby's Breath.It's always nice to have someone admire your work.Little Puddy is the stray kitty we rescued.Happy Valentine's Day to All!Partying At … [Read more...]

Random Vintage Valentines

Lately I've spent more time more time than usual shopping at my favorite haunt ... on Third Street in Geneva, Illinois. It's the quaint, smaller version of Chicago's Magnificent Mile. Anyhoo, I moseyed on into The Mossy Twig and found these adorable vintage looking Valentines. I'm going to make something with them this weekend. Probably a banner for my daughter and we'll see what other creative flurry I can muster. If you have any ideas ... leave … [Read more...]

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