Fall Landscape Features with a Splash of Water

Orange, red, and yellow leaves are falling all around our yard, which means we'll soon be raking and bagging them. I had hoped to get outdoors with my camera to capture the riotous colors, but I just never found time. Lucky for me, I work as marketing communications manager for a water gardening company with talented photographers. Tony and Lisa took amazing photos of fall landscape features, and each one showcases water of some sort. Aquascape … [Read more...]

Water Lettuce Arrangement: No Flowers Needed

Although I love my flowers and always have them in my house, I had the notion to create a pretty vignette using an aquatic plant that looks like a flower. You may or may not know that I work for an international water gardening company. I've learned a lot about water lilies, lotus, and other pond plants.  I used my favorite to create a water lettuce arrangement. I'm sharing the instructions so you can make one of your own.Water lettuce is … [Read more...]

Create Your Own Container Water Garden

Water in the landscape is becoming more and more popular and it's easy to see why. The sound of running water, whether it's a small fountain or impressive waterfall, is soothing and relaxing. Not to mention water gardens are so pretty! But if you're not ready to jump in and get both feet wet with a full-fledged pond, you can easily create a container water garden. A stately and gorgeous Sacred Lotus is planted in a simple dark gray patio … [Read more...]

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