Fixing the Cabinet that the Cat Broke

You may remember my post about stenciling the glass china cabinet doors. Fortunately or unfortunately, a cat hurled itself at the glass door (obviously something freaked him out) and the glass on one of the doors broke. Now mind you, I didn't see this happen but I heard a crash in the dining room and when I came in, there he was looking all guilty. Rather than get too upset (it's just a cabinet, after all) I used it as an opportunity to do … [Read more...]

Thinkin’ about the Kitchen

When the weather turns cooler, I find myself spending more time in the kitchen. Fall always puts me in the mood to cook and bake. Maybe it has something to do with harvest time. Last year this time I was busy canning tomatoes from the garden. This year, the crop wasn't so hot and there's not enough left over to can for the winter.Maybe that's a good thing because it frees me up to do other things. Like think about the kitchen and changes I … [Read more...]

Simple Fall Tablescape

Although Autumn is my favorite season, I hate letting go of Summer, so the arrival of Fall is bittersweet for me. Fall brings with it a rich range of colors but I thought for the end of summer, a neutral tablescape would be the perfect choice. I started with a strip of dropcloth and added a ribbon of jute webbing down the middle for a runner. I found large, hollow gourds at a recent flea market for just $5 each.I thought they'd look cute … [Read more...]

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