Farmhouse Christmas Dining

A little green and white pair together this year to set the scene for a farmhouse holiday dinner. Mismatched white dinnerware is flanked by vintage silver plate.Book pages provide a makeshift table runner.The white glasses are identical to ones my grandmother had. When I found them at the flea market I had to take them home with me. Vintage ornaments provide color and whimsy.No fussy table setting for our farmhouse … [Read more...]

Dreamy Blue Bedroom

When I think of bedrooms, I always think of blue and white. Blue is such a restful color while white lends a crisp pop. Our bedroom isn't cluttered ... rather, it displays a minimalist decor point of view. I've tried to include some softness to keep it from looking too cold, but I like that it's not busy. I think a cluttered bedroom would keep me awake, but that's just me. The little pink lamp was a $25 find at Amazing Grace Antiques. The bed was … [Read more...]

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