Farm Animal Art: Personalize Your Home

Over the years I’ve collected a few pieces of farm animal art. Well, more than a few actually. I have to rotate some of them because I admittedly have too many. I got a little over-zealous. Here’s how I’ve personalized my home with my animal treasures. (This post contains affiliate links.)

Large cow painting in a country style sitting room

The cow painting in my sitting room (above) is perhaps my favorite farm animal art. You just can’t miss it when you walk in here. Just beneath the painting is a cow lamp. Is it overkill? I don’t think so, especially since we live near several cow farms.

Here’s a view of the same room, years earlier when the white cow painting hung in the same spot. I’ve since warmed up the room with richer colors and ended up giving this painting away. Just below the artwork is a pig figurine, another beloved farm animal. I added a pink ribbon to the pig for a bit of whimsy. I found the cow at Antique Farm House. It’s no longer available but I found similar cute cows on Wayfair.

White Cow Painting in Small Living Room


When it comes to adding farm animal art to your home, consider the room where it’s going to be displayed. Placing my “Bon Appetit Cucina” sheep art in my farmhouse kitchen seemed like a no-brainer.

Sheep artwork in a country style kitchen


In addition to the sheep wall decor, I found this lovely little sheep planter that I just adore and displayed it on one of the kitchen shelves for my fall home tour a few years back. The sheep planter is currently in my bedroom.

Bon Appetit Cucina Sheep Picture


I sometimes swap out the above sheep wall art for my Farm Fresh Daily wall art in the kitchen above my mug rack. Like I said, I have too many pieces of farm animal art to decorate the entire house with them at the same time.

Cow Dairy Sign - Farm Animal Art in the Kitchen


Also in my bedroom is a trio of farm animal heads with little bells that you can see in a previous home tour.

Farm Animal Heads on a Bedroom Wall


In that same tour is this whimsical stack of farm animals on the dining room buffet. Unfortunately this animal stack broke during a vacuuming accident. Ugh. As if vacuuming wasn’t bad enough – something had to break while doing that dreaded house cleaning chore.

Dining Room Buffet with Farm Animal Stack


My daughter scored the pastoral sheep oil painting for me at an antique store. The colors blend well with the wall color here in the dining room. Rather than hang the art above the board and batten, I hung it partially over to 1) do something a little different and 2) because there needed to be filler next to the lamp. That’s kind of my process when decorating with any type of artwork. I don’t really follow a set of rules – I go by look, and I tend to like artwork lower on a wall as opposed to higher. Maybe that’s because I’m short!

Pastoral Sheep Painting in Country Dining Room


And speaking of my daughter, I helped her decorate her son’s bedroom with felted animal heads. Animals are always a great choice for a child’s room. His name is Bear, by the way. Thus the little plaque hanging at the foot of the bed.

Felted Animal Heads in Child's Bedroom


A more modern sheep print is seen in my entryway before I gave it a slight makeover.

Sheep Print in a Country Home Entryway


Don’t be afraid to create a fun table setting with your favorite animals. This is a brunch setting from a couple years ago that includes farm animal mugs and sheep figurines.

Brunch Table Setting with Sheep Figurines


Can a moose be considered a farm animal? Regardless, I love this little guy that welcomed us to an Airbnb during our trip to southwest Michigan.

Wooden Moose Welcome on a Cabin Porch


For me, farm animal art is another way of bringing nature indoors, because we have plenty of farms to the west of us. So nature where I live includes these critters. Even to the east of us, people are raising chickens in their yard. I now realize I don’t have any chicken artwork in the house. Hmmm. Might need to do something about that!



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  1. I have always admired your large cow picture(s). I keep my eyes open for some cow art, but I never see anything I like, maybe some day. I also decided that you and I have something in common- we are both short and vacuuming is not our favourite thing. I finally splurged and bought a Dyson stick vacuum, a higher end one so I got a good variety of attachments with it. I must tell you that IT IS a game changer! In many different ways! So if you do not have one, they are expensive, but in my opinion it is still definitely worth it to get one. It makes vacuuming a lot faster and easier.

    1. Hi Sandra and Jennifer,
      I just had to chime in about the Dyson stick vacuum, too. My local Sam’s club had them on sale just before Mother’s Day. Now a vacuum wouldn’t be my usual top of the list, gift to seek out, BUT… GAME CHANGER INDEED! I scored big on mine, since they had all sold out, and I asked if the display model would be available. Because it was scratched, and had no box, the manger gave me an extra 20% off the sale price and included all the accessories! I’m so glad I asked! I breeze through the house now in no time at all. Well worth the splurge, and if anyone is looking for one, check sales and don’t be afraid to ask for a display model.
      And Jen, I also love your sheep picture in the kitchen and the pastoral one in the dining room. I collect sheep art and display them in my guest room, so visitors can ” count sheep” before they drift off to sleep.

      1. Hi Karen!

        You got a great deal on your Dyson! I actually received one this past Christmas and use it all the time.

        You know, I think a bedroom is the perfect place for sheep artwork! Great idea.

  2. I love all your farm animals. I was raised on a farm and animals are essential for eggs, wool, and other things. They can also make us smile because some have definite character.

  3. One of my favorite framed “animal art” pieces is a photograph of an award-winning polled (hornless) Hereford bull taken in 1923 in Des Moines, Iowa, that belonged either to my great grandfather or his two sons. According to my mother, her grandfather was in the vanguard of polled Hereford breeders in northwest Missouri. I checked with the American Hereford Association in Kansas City, Missouri, and they did have this bull in their registry. He must have been a good breeder. His name was Ross Repeater!

  4. I have so much animal art…since animals are my favorite people. A large ceramic pig wearing a party hat. A beautiful long haired sheep wearing a floral crown. A wonderful goose. Small sheep. Many rabbits. and wall art as well. My husband gave me a beautiful cast bronze of dancing rabbits by a well known artist called “dancing cheek to cheek” as well as bronze mice doing the hokey pokey, same artist. Other good sized sheep, and more. Love your art.

  5. I love cow art. I have several small paintings of cows. One on canvas that I found in a thrift store. It’s of a mama cow and her calf and so sweet. Who would get rid of such a lovely little painting? I also have several little cow miniatures. I grew up on a farm and although we didn’t have cows I have always tho’t they were beautiful in their own way. Their eyes, especially. Really, I can’t think of an animal that I don’t find beautiful in its own way. Well, may opossums! Although I don’t have any close-up and personal experience with them!

    Anyway, I love your cow art and the ways you have displayed it. My taste entirely.

  6. Your cow painting and lovely lamp are not overkill …just the opposite. Love your cozy and comfortable home….keep going on the animal collections. The sheep planter is a delight.!!!