Let’s Talk Colorful Flower Boxes: Easy Gardening

Last Sunday I spend most of the day gardening, and tomorrow will be more of the same. I planted all my flower boxes and love how they look so far. Normally I plant the same flowers in the boxes because once I find what thrives in a spot, I tend to stick with that plant. My house is super shady and impatiens have always been a safe choice. However, we recently had to cut a very large branch off a tree which now allows more sun to hit some of the flower boxes, so I’ve switched to geraniums. We’ll see how they hold up. But for now, here’s some window box inspiration.

Cape Cod Flower BoxPhoto by Titus Built, LLC


A mix of flowers, both short and tall, create an interesting display underneath a modern farmhouse’s window. I always like to use some type of vine in the box because 1) it adds more dimension and 2) the trailing plant helps to tie the box to the rest of the landscape below.

Pretty flower boxes on white housePhoto by City Homes, LLC


Here, shorter petunias are planted in front, with geraniums right behind. Tucked in the back is a series of spiky plants. This arrangement is good for sunny areas. One thing you need to be careful of when planning your flower boxes, is the amount of sun the plants will receive. The flower boxes on the front of my house are all south-facing. With the big branch removed from our large tree, I now need to use flowers that can take the heat of the afternoon sun – which is why I switched to geraniums. 

Cottage style flowers in window boxPhoto by City Homes, LLC


Flowers under the windows don’t have to be planted in wooden boxes. You’ll find a variety of options at garden centers. Isn’t the entrance to this stone cottage cute? I want to go inside and explore more.

Stone cottage with cute curb appealPhoto by Segerson Builders


I love using pinks and oranges together like this box that pairs a few types of begonias together. Traditional ivy provides soft cascades underneath the mounding flowers.

Shade gardening with begonias and ivy in window boxPhoto by Bruce Ewing


Consider seasonal planters if you have the funds. Here, spring flowers create an early flower box display. The blooms can be swapped out with summer flowers later on. 

Spring flowers in window boxPhoto by KMS Gardens and Design


Here’s another stone cottage with a pretty window box. Vines climbing up the walls almost appear to be trailing vines from the box.

Stone cottage with vinePhoto by Albertsson Hansen Architecture, Ltd


Here’s a unique take on the flower box – it’s freestanding but looks equally charming. This is a great option if you don’t want to permanently add boxes under your windows. 

flower box ideas

Every house I’ve owned, I’ve added flower boxes to the windows. I’ve always loved the look and it’s an easy way to add color to the front of your house for increased curb appeal.


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  1. Lovely! I adore flower boxes and had them in the front windows for many years. Eventually, they wore out and we did not replace them. I was tired of watering them twice a day for a long dry season. I have considered putting some up with silk flowers…sacrilege, I know. 😆 The front porch is full of flowers in a little cart and some planters, all silk. We have numerous real flowers in the yard, but it’s a challenge here with very clay soil and dry heat and sun at altitude.

  2. So pretty and I have flower boxes on my list. I enjoyed seeing all the different kinds, I love flowers they bring so much joy to watch them bloom.

  3. We have a metal flowerbox with the coconut fiber insert on our garage wall like the one pictured above. Because it gets sooo hot there I finally gave up trying to keep live plants in it and “planted” faux geraniums there and also in my front concrete planter. My across the street neightbor came over one day and said that she has “geranium envy” and wanted to know where I got the beautiful geraniums. She was shocked to learn that they were faux but added that she thought me “a clever gal.” Now I just change out the planters with seasonal faux flowers but usually the red geraniums take their bow from Valentine’s Day until Independence Day! The simplest things seem to give the greatest delight, huh? !!