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My Christmas Home Tour 2018

Welcome to my Christmas Home Tour! You’ll find a mix of neutral tones with metallic finishes sprinkled with a little holiday magic.

Christmas Home Tour - Bronze and Neutral Christmas Tree


This week is the annual Holiday Housewalk week organized by Jennifer Rizzo. Each day different bloggers showcased their homes decorated in a variety of holiday styles. Today’s the last day of the tour, but you can visit Jennifer’s blog to see the entire line-up from Monday through today.

Holiday Housewalk Christmas Tour


If you’re joining the tour for the first time today, you can visit the home before me which is The Yellow Cape Cod, filled with festive style.

Holiday Housewalk Christmas Tour


Christmas Dining Room

I’m starting today’s tour in the dining room which is located in the center of our home. You’ll find a theme of faux fur, mini trees, and metallic ornaments throughout my Christmas home this year. I recently shared my Christmas table setting with pretty reindeer plates.

Christmas Home Tour - Neutral Dining Room


I’m gradually changing my home decor back to my decorating roots – a warm, modern country style. I’ve always loved country style and all its variations. Think Country Home magazine.

Christmas Home Tour - Neutral Dining Room


I’m reconnecting with neutral earth tones which pairs well with Christmas greens.

Modern Country Buffet Decorated for Christmas



Neutral Vintage Christmas Vignette


My new pallet board features small Christmas adornments. The cedar balsam candle smells just like a fresh Christmas tree.

Neutral Vintage Christmas Vignette

Sources (affiliate links):

Dining Table Set  |  Asheville Area Rug  |  Antique Look Chandelier


Cozy Christmas Sitting Room

A new area rug provides added warmth in my sitting room, which used to be the dining room. The reindeer pillow and faux fur throw are new finds from HomeGoods. A simple garland hugs my favorite landscape painting.

Neutral Modern Country Christmas Decor


Miniature ornaments fill a wooden bowl on my new coffee table. My kitties enjoy grabbing an ornament out this bowl from time to time and batting it about the room.

Miniature Ornaments in Wooden Bowl



Miniature Ornaments in Wooden Bowl


A reindeer-handled pedestal bowl cradles bronze and gold ornaments.

Reindeer Pedestal Bowl with Metallic Ornaments and Greens


Reindeer Pedestal Bowl with Metallic Ornaments and Greens


Tulip the Cow gets her own Christmas festooning.

Christmas Home Tour - Living Room with Cow Painting


As does the little cow lamp. Sometimes it’s the smallest of decorating touches that bring the greatest pleasure.

Cow Lamp in Christmas Home


In the sitting room, my Christmas mantel takes center stage on an opposite wall.

Country Christmas Mantel with Bottle Brush Trees and Faux Fur Stockings

Sources (affiliate links):

Script Chairs  |  Brown and Beige Area Rug  |  Round Wood Coffee Table


Faux Fur Family Room

The family room is all cozied up with faux fur pillows and throws. Someone once told me pillows and throws are a grown woman’s version of stuffed animals. I remind my hubby of this every time he questions my pillow purchases. The architectural print features the Paris train station.

Faux Fur Pillows and Throws on Family Room Sectional


Festive wreaths hang in the windows while greens and white berries festoon my French wall clock.

Faux Fur Pillows and Throws in Christmas Family Room


Large tree ornaments hang from inside the window wreaths to provide a little more dimension and interest.

Christmas Wreath in an Old Window


A small flocked tree sports a vintage-style paper chain garland.

Faux Fur Pillows and Throws in Christmas Family Room



Vintage Christmas Paper Chain Garland

Sources (affiliate links):

Ombre Faux Fur Pillow  |  Pom Pom Throw  |  Faux Fur Ruched Pillow


Oh Christmas Tree

The tree is always my favorite part of any Christmas home tour.

Bronze and Neutral Christmas Tree


Maybe I’m a little like Kevin in the movie Home Alone with his passion for Christmas trees.

Bronze and Neutral Christmas Tree



Wooden Reindeer Christmas Ornament


Vintage Bronze Santa Ornament


Glass Pine Cone Reindeer Ornament


Brown and White Paper Mache Christmas Ornament


Bronze and Neutral Christmas Tree


Thank you so very much for visiting my Christmas home on today’s Holiday Housewalk. Next up on the tour is My 100 Year Old Home, which I know you’ll love so be sure to pop over to see Leslie’s old and charming house!

Holiday Housewalk Christmas Home Tour


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  1. Jennifer- can i just cozy up in your family room with all those pillows and warm throws!! love all your trees….especially the paper chain. makes me think of when I was a child and made those with my family for our tree. Your tour was just so lovely…all of it. happy holidays.

  2. Very pretty. Where did you get your flocked tree? It is so hard to find a really nice flocked tree, but you seem to have succeeded!

  3. Just beautiful !!! WOWOWOWOWOW …. thank you so much for sharing !! I may have missed your remarks about the tree skirting… where did you get the white fur “skirt” under your tree?? Is it a rug??

      1. Great !! Thanks so much .. It’s perfect……What a great idea for under the tree!! I apologize for asking another question.. but was wondering where you purchased the round coffee table from ?? If you posted about it I guess I missed it …. Im looking for a new “round” coffee table….. this one is gorgeous!!

  4. Your Christmas home looks beautiful. Adore all your touches around the dining area and how you even add a touch to your clock.

    All speaks you.


  5. Your Christmas tour is amazing, as I knew it would be. I’ve followed you for a long time and the changes and upgrades you’ve made are so impressive. So happy you feel that you have come around to your heart and soul decor. We all need to find that place. I have to admit that I’m still not there, but am working towards it as I replace the old with new(er) items that actually speak to me. I keep reminding myself that decor, as is life, an ongoing process.
    Also, just for your followers’ information, while the faux fur rugs can be expensive, you can purchase the same faux fur at fabric shops by the yard and spend as much or little as you need. This is my first year with faux fur under my tree and I love it.

    1. Hi Debra!
      The cover is 4 matching bedspreads that I found on sale at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I was lucky to find matching ones all on sale. I’ve also used dropcloths which are less expensive but they’re a little scratchy.

  6. Beautiful as always, Jennifer! I have a lot of throw blankets and pillows also and love them for cozying up chairs, sofas, beds… you name it. I also found that IKEA has some great faux fur pillow covers this year! I like swapping covers rather than buying new pillows when possible.

  7. Your home looks like a Christmas wonderland! The Christmas tree is gorgeous, as well as the unique ornaments on it. It’s definitely the central point of the room. Pillows, throws and garlands are breathtaking. I also love the vintage furniture that looks lovely when combined with the modern country style. Everything’s so inspiring!

  8. I’ve looked at so many Christmas home tours but yours really struck a chord with me. So warm and tangible while many of the others just come off as forced and competitive! Love the browns and creamy colors mixed with all the scrumptious fur.

    1. Thanks so much, Jill! I’m trying to enjoy winter this year and my Christmas decor ended up reflecting my need for cozy warmth to help endure our cold and snowy winters. So far it’s working – but we’ll see how I feel in February. LOL. Thanks for your kind words. I truly appreciate it!

  9. Your home is not only stunning, but also “comfy” looking! May I ask where you purchased the darling “cow” lamp that is near “Tulip” the cow? I’m over the moon about it!!!! Christmas blessings to you & your’s.

  10. Where did you buy your copper and gold ornaments? I have been looking for some like yours in silver or mercury glass and haven’t been able to find any. Even if yours aren’t available anymore, you still might bpgive me an idea of what type of store sells them. Thanks!