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Simple Holiday Farmhouse Decorations: Less Can Be More

You’re in for a treat today! I stumbled across a pretty home by Julie Ranee Photography, decorated in simple holiday farmhouse style. I think think you’ll find that a “less is more” approach can end up making a bigger visual impact.

Holiday Farmhouse KitchenPhoto by Julie Ranee Photography


The predominantly white kitchen is the perfect backdrop for accents of red. The red metal step stool is a perfect complement to the red berry wreath hanging above the stove. 

Holiday Farmhouse KitchenPhoto by Julie Ranee Photography


Jadeite is another perfect choice to enhance a Christmas vibe with something you already have on hand. Add a vintage metal container and a few greens and this dining room is good to go.

Holiday Farmhouse Dining Room with Wood TablePhoto by Julie Ranee Photography


I love the simplicity of this rustically framed skinny wreath. This could be done with any frame and wreath that you have on hand. 

Christmas Dining Room with Fresh and Rustic DecorPhoto by Julie Ranee Photography


In the family room, the holiday farmhouse decorating continues. A sparse garland adorns the French doors while a simple wreath decorates a farmhouse cabinet.

Farmhouse Christmas decorations in a white family roomPhoto by Julie Ranee Photography


Here’s a full view of the Christmas tree decorated with old-fashioned paper chains and red ornaments. Oversized pine cones are tucked in a basket encircled by pine evergreens. Note the hat display under the large red star on the far wall.

Farmhouse Christmas decorations in a white family roomPhoto by Julie Ranee Photography


Is this a clever DIY Christmas tree or what? If you’ve got a collection of hats lying around, why not put them to holiday use? This concept would work well with ski hats, too.

Straw hat DIY Christmas tree on a wallPhoto by Julie Ranee Photography


The stairway displays another rustically framed Christmas wreath along with red and white ornaments and a green-striped scarf. A simple garland winds its way up the banister.

Farmhouse stairway decorated for ChristmasPhoto by Julie Ranee Photography


I love the wooden mirrored wall cabinets and vintage chest of drawers in the bathroom. A simple jingle bell wreath and a few boughs of green are all that’s needed to lend a simple holiday element.

Vintage wood and white farmhouse bathroomPhoto by Julie Ranee Photography


Small touches of holiday farmhouse decorations are seen in each room and are just enough to add Christmas cheer throughout this charming home by Julie Ranee Photography, which can be seen over at Houzz.


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  1. Simply stunning home! How can it be any better….using the natural bounty we are provided ….the textures and touches are elegant. This home is welcoming, warm and cozy….bring on the hot cup of cofffee!☺️

  2. Love the way you’re keeping it simple. Viewed the older decor of your home and it has changed drastically. I love it so much better now. It is so cozy, peaceful and inviting.