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Spring Flowers and Gardens: Total Eye Candy!

Who’s ready for a shot of beautiful color in the form of breathtaking spring flowers? ME!! And probably you too, since most of country is experiencing a polar vortex. Today’s post is total eye candy and everything that there is to love about spring flowers and gardens. Sigh!

Colorful Blooming cherry tree and tulips in spring garden

A beautiful, blooming cherry tree above is surrounded by colorful tulips. That grassy spot in the background would be a perfect spot to lay out a blanket and enjoy a little picnic, don’t you think?

I am beyond ready to go for walks and enjoy seeing tulips blooming their little hearts out. I love the orange blooms – they look great paired with vibrant pink and purple tulips.

Front Yard Spring Garden in Front of Luxury Home


Spring flower arrangements help add sunshine and cheer inside the home, and I’m loving this twig vase (which I’m definitely making and will share the tutorial). Isn’t it sweet?

Rustic twig vase with spring flowers - musari, daisy, daffodil, violet


I love, love, love English daisies like these pink cuties. They’re so sweet all on their own. Did you know that they’re perennials? What a great choice for your cutting garden. And if you don’t have a flower cutting garden, let this be the year you create one! You can buy English daisy seeds online.

Spring flower arrangements with pink English daisies and yellow daffodils


Lilacs are always a spring favorite and their scent is amazing. A friend gave me couple of lilac suckers to plant when I first moved into my house. Now they’re about 15 feet tall!

Basket of violet lilacs


Pink and yellow tulips look great in a burlap bag with daisies and baby’s breath. Place the spring flowers in a mason jar and place it inside the bag. Then add water and you’re all set! You can add a burlap or other type of ribbon for added interest.

Beautiful spring flowers in burlap bag


I love the simplicity of glass vases that allow flowers to truly shine. No distraction from the beautiful blooms like this collection of ranunculus, muscari, daffodils, sweet pea, and parrot feather tulip.

Beautiful flowers bouquets in glass vases on the wooden table.Tulips,roses,muscari, narcissus, eustoma and hyacinths


Easter is still a couple months away but now is a great time to be thinking about a centerpiece or floral decoration. Start the bulbs before the holiday so they’ll be blooming on Easter Sunday.

Spring Flowers and Gardens - Easter Arrangement


There’s a local park that has plenty of blooming crabapple trees in late spring. I love walking through there and reveling in all the beauty of nature.

Scenic view with beautiful pink blooming trees along wooden fence.


This bright blue cottage bears a sign that says “Buy your bulbs here” which I would totally do because it’s so cute. Too bad it’s located at the Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, Netherlands.

Keukenhof Gardens, Lisse, Netherlands Blue Cottage with Purple Hyacinths


I hope you enjoyed this bit of cheer looking at spring flowers and gardens. Sometimes it soothes the soul to look at eye candy when you can’t experience it firsthand.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed the pictures, Linda. I know I needed a bit of spring this week. I grabbed some potted mini daffodils at the store to cheer things up inside the house. 🙂

  1. My husband is a gardener and we both enjoyed these pictures of spectacular flowers and trees. Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Danielle! I’m glad this post cheered you. I hope you’re okay – I’ve been watching the news reports about Texas and my heart goes out to everyone there who is struggling and suffering. It looks like our weather here in Illinois is going to start warming up tomorrow. I hope the weather gets better in Texas, too!

  2. Much needed today. It’s the little things lately that sure make a difference. I could sit and look at flowers all day. Thanks Jennifer!

  3. OMG, Jennifer, thank you for this beautiful post. I could definitely have a picnic in the first picture. Every pic is just gorgeous. Praying for warmer weather, especially for those in Texas.

  4. Flowers are so pretty and I love visiting gardens. Waiting to see if mine are alright after all the days of freezing and the snow, that’s still not thawed. Have a great weekend.