Tips for Arranging Fresh Flowers

Valentine’s Day is a time when everyone is thinking about flowers but having fresh flowers in your home doesn’t have to be expensive. You can purchase cut flowers and arrange them yourself. It’s easier than you think! The trick is to keep your arrangement simple and fuss-free. First, gather your supplies choosing ordinary objects such as white ironstone pitchers for vases.

Valentines Flowers

Cut your tallest flowers first for the center of your floral arrangement. For the first grouping, I’m using pink and white carnations in a simple white ironstone pitcher. Remove any leaves from the lower end of the stems so there aren’t any sitting in the water. Use floral clippers to get a nice, clean cut.

Pink Carnations

Cut the stems at a diagonal for maximum surface area to take up water. Immediately place the cut stems into your pitcher or vase filled with lukewarm water treated with a floral preservative. Make sure you stir the water so that all the preservative is dissolved.

Pink Roses

Continue cutting your roses making sure the center stems are a bit longer than the roses on the outside. This will create a nice mounding effect. I prefer shorter arrangements, cutting the stems so the flower rises just above the vase’s edge.

Pink and White Roses

For today’s Valentines Day arrangements, I’m using Rose sprays, meaning there are several flowers and stems on one branch. Some of the flowers were in awkward places on the stems, so I cut them off and tucked them in a very small, white pitcher.  Cute and simple!

Pink and White Roses

Flower arrangements don’t need to be fussy and fancy to pack a punch. Sometimes simple is better.

Pink and White Roses

Red roses are the most popular flower of choice for Valentines Day. Using red rose sprays, which are less expensive than single stem roses I might add, cut your stems to the proper length. I’m using another white ironstone pitcher since the flowers will all be in the same room. This will give my arrangements a unified look.

Red Roses

Rose sprays fill the vase more than single stem roses due to their bushy style. For single stems, you might want to add a frog at the bottom of your vase. After the red roses are placed, it’s time to fill out the bouquet with white carnations – or other flower of your choice. Carnations come several flowers to a stem. For flowers that aren’t the proper length, simply snip them where they meet the main stem and use them later. Be sure to place them in another vase with water until you’re ready to use them.

Red Roses and White Carnations

The final step is to add some Baby’s Breath. This dainty flower will provide depth and airiness to your bouquet. You can use taller stems of Baby’s Breath to frame the bouquet, but be sure to tuck some in between your larger flowers for added interest.

Red Roses and White Carnations

Your arrangements don’t have to be perfect. Simply cut your flowers at varying lengths. Sometimes it’s easier to make a bouquet in your hand, and then tuck it into your pitcher. Then fluff it as needed, pulling flowers away from each other so it’s not too tight.

Roses and Carnations

Even a single rose bud in a tiny white pitcher can be pretty when paired with other arrangements.

Carnations and Roses

For another simple look consider using old Mason jars as vases. Their wide mouth lets the flowers fan out.

Pink and White Carnations

Group similar floral arrangements together on your table for a pretty punch. No need to limit yourself to just one!

Roses and Carnations

Roses and Carnations

For just $25, I was able to make 6 floral arrangements! When summer comes, I’ll be able to create bouquets all season long using cut flowers from the garden …  for free!

Roses and Carnations

Other considerations for vases include baskets lined with plastic, enamel buckets, soup cans that you’ve decoupaged or painted. The options are almost limitless! Do you arrange your own flowers or do you prefer professionally made bouquets?

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  1. What a great collection of professionally made bouquet here… Sending fresh flowers, treats, & gourmet gift baskets in time for V-Day is the perfect gift to make her heart sing.

  2. Very pretty arrangements. I bet your home not only looks lovely, but smells lovely too. I love the fragrance of carnations and how they last for days.

  3. Thanks for this helpful tutorial. I’ve been planning this week to use a white stoneware tureen and mass spray roses in it so that I have a low centerpiece — I can see that adding the carnations and baby’s breath will give it more depth. Simple but beautiful!

  4. Very pretty! I’ve always been a little intimidated by flower arranging. If you have the gift it just seems to come naturally! What a great post with great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Such pretty colors, the pinks are always my favorites. I prefer informal arrangements. I think I need to go to the store and pick up some flowers. I notice the roses I grow eek to fall apart much faster than the ones I buy at the store. I have no idea why. You bouquets are lovely.

  6. Thanks for the wonderful flower arranging tips. I really need some fresh flowers about now as I’m pining away for springtime! Maybe I’ll have to buy myself some flowers 🙂

  7. Whenever I see flowers arranged, as in your photos, I just have to stop and pause and take my time looking at them. They just make me feel good! I love carnations too, even though they are a bit “un-trendy”! And baby’s breath alone in a vase are gorgeous too (that’s what I’m doing this Thursday!) 🙂

  8. Thank for the tips. Your arrangements are very well done and so pretty. I bought some flowers today and need to get them arranged.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  9. Beautiful post and flowers! I do arrange my own but would like to do better. I also purchase bouquets if they are really special. I do love your ideas of putting them in the little jugs. They look so lovely! I really love the little white embossed ones. They are amazing!
    Happy Valentine’s Day,
    I am visiting by way of Decor to Adore’s party!

  10. Beautifully done, Jennifer! Aren’t those rose sprays so impressive? I bought some last week…but did discover that they didn’t last quite as long as single stem roses for some odd reason. But I love their flowing, droopy, shabby chic appearance. 🙂 I’m glad that VDday is over with….now my roses next week won’t be quite as expensive. lol

    xoox laurie

  11. The arrangements are very pretty! The white ironstone pitcher are also very beautiful with florals paired into pink, yellow, red and white flowers in it. These are similar floral arrangements but looks very awesome.