What Type of Christmas Porch Decorator Are You?

People seem to fall in one of three types when it comes to decorating a Christmas porch. First is the “bah-humbug” who does nothing at all. Maybe they don’t celebrate the holiday, or maybe (like me) they don’t like removing the decorations in bitter cold weather once Christmas is over. Then there’s the “in-betweener” who, at the very least, adds a festive wreath to the front door. This person might even add a string of garland or two. The third type is the “go-all-out” enthusiast who aspires to be like Clint Griswold in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. (This post contains affiliate links – see my privacy policy.)

Following are a few great ideas for decorating your porch or door. Some are simple, some are more elaborate.

Front door with a Christmas wreath and bows.

I’m a huge fan of arborvitae greenery, like the wreath shown on the blue door above. Arborvitae is soft and drapes nicely when used in wreaths and garlands. I like cypress for the same reasons. The wreath alone is a pretty statement, but if you’re more of a “go all out” person, you can add holiday urns and garland.

A stately home like this white beauty almost demands a super festive approach to outdoor decorating. The holiday spirit extends to nearby evergreens with red ornaments.

White house with festive Christmas porch


When you have a red front door, you almost need to other adornment, especially if you have snow on the ground. Here, a simple wreath is joined by a pair of rocking chairs for a super simple approach.

Gray house with red door, rocking chair, and Christmas wreath


If you prefer more trimmings on the porch, add a faux fur to a chair and layered tablecloths where you can enjoy hot cocoa. It’s like bringing the indoors outside.

rural house porch decorated for Christmas


For “in-betweeners” like me, a simple wreath with a wind-tossed ribbon and garland around the door frame is plenty of Christmas porch decor.

Beautiful stylish Christmas wreath with a satin bow on the white door of the house


If you desire a little more fluff, a creative wreath with a wooden snowflake, large pine cones, and a pair of mittens makes a big statement. Add a Christmas sign and twinkly lights for a little more sparkle and pizazz.

Country style Christmas porch decorations


I love this holiday porch. The ornaments on the tree, wreath, and garland complement the beautiful shade of blue siding. Rather than just wrapping a tree with lights, go ahead and add floral picks and ornaments too.

Christmas tree and wreath on porch


An historic home with beautiful windows and a double front door only needs a pair of wreaths to add Christmas cheer. I like how the wreaths were hung to the sides of the doors, instead of on them.

Christmas wreaths decorating the front of an older home.


We started with a blue door, so we’ll end with a blue door. This one is draped with an extravagant garland that winds its way down the banister. Note how the ornaments on the door are a different color. Sometimes not matching is more interesting.

Garland and Wreath on Blue Front Door


Following is a pretty collection of wreaths you can buy if you still don’t have one for your front door. I grouped them in lookbooks according to price. Click on the photos in the lookbooks for information on where to buy.


Wreaths Under $50


Wreaths $50 – $100


Wreaths Over $100



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  1. Maybe I wish to be more like “Clark” Griswold and never like cousin Eddie but I stay in the middle and do a bit more than just a wreath on the door:0)
    This year has been very, very hard on me so by dear husband has surprised me by hiring a company to put some white lights on the house..our very first ever in all the 27 years of marriage and all the wishful holiday lit up homes during the season..we will have lights!
    I’m also making a window box full of greenery and small trees with lights. Makes me happy and hopefully others.
    I love all the above decor in your post Jennifer. You just can’t go wrong with one wreath or a whole house full of lights if it brings a small bit of joy..even to the on-lookers/drive by folks…it’s a good thing.

  2. The simple wreath with the wind tossed ribbon was stunning. I may have to “defrock” and flock an older wreath this year and try that simple look!

  3. Thank you! How wonderful, it’s my first Xmas I have decided to even do a tree, for personal reasons and only myself. I would love to know where you got the simple wreath with ribbon on?

    Thanks again!

  4. That was fun! We enjoy year round drives through towns. mountains and neighborhoods under the guise of taking the dog for a “bye bye” and she does love them. Christmas time is my favorite. I love the lights and cheerful decor which I like to call the’ Lights of December’ to be all inclusive of every lifestyle. Why not Hanukkah lights or kwanza lights etc? It’s a dark time of year, we could all add brightness. Our neighbors look forward to our decor every year, but would not put us near the Griswalds. We have fun inside too. In Boulder we have some less freezing days to take things down gradually. LOl, but I push for at least mid January anyway.

  5. When our kids were still living at home, I enjoyed driving them at night to see decorated homes in our community. Another idea for acquiring wreaths is to check local Boy Scout troops who sell wreaths, swags, and garland – their products are always fresh and feels good to help a worthy cause. Enjoy your holidays!

  6. Love wreaths and all CHristmas ideas thanks for all these. I think it’s important to decorate and celebrate the holiday we have sit aside of our Saviors birth.

  7. Inspired by all your lovely options here, but I am in upstate/CNY, like Syracuse/ Utica area? We seem to be getting fierce slushy rain storms, with lots of wind over the winter- everything on my porch and window boxes just blows away, even though I have wired stuff down.
    I do have an enclosed front porch that does get too cold to use in the winter, but I have white mini lights along the ceiling there, looks cheerful, kind of, lol. Any suggestions?
    Also, where do you store trees, decorations, etc? Really lacking in storage in my 1880 old home.

    1. Hi Susan!

      Sorry you have to wire stuff down in your area. My front porch is somewhat protected from the winds which makes it easier to decorate. I like the idea of white lights on the ceiling of your enclosed porch. Does the porch have glass or screened windows? I’m thinking you can hang wreaths or place battery-operated candles on the inside of the windows and they’d be visible from the street. 

      My house is about the same age as yours and I face the same storage issues. I finally broke down and rented a storage unit for my holiday decorations and other things I don’t use but am not ready to part with just yet. The storage unit is on the other side of town and doesn’t take me long to get there when I need something.


  8. Ever since being a child and having my Grandpa drive us around to see all the lights and decorations and the church nativities, I have loved Christmas decorations and lights. I love all these examples shown, so pretty! I have two wicker chairs and a table on my porch and I just love the idea of the fake fur on a chair and layered tablecloths to enjoy hot chocolate…or even morning coffee if it’s not too freezing out lol. I put a small tree on my porch in the corner by my door. Looking forward to search my property for some good evergreen clippings to use for things and start decorating right after Thanksgiving. I have my entire family’s birthdays from 11/29 to 12/22. Hectic time for sure lol.

  9. I’ve always wanted a big old front porch all lit up and decorated with rockers, garland, and the works, but since I don’t have a cover over my front porch, I am a simple wreath kind of gal. When the freezing temps are here to stay, I happily enjoy not having to take things down and store it away, though. I like the easy going feel of the windblown burlap wreath. I may use that approach and go even simpler this year! Happy Holidays, Jennifer!