Wood Counter Tops for the Kitchen

Back in the 1980’s when I bought my first house, wood counter tops for the kitchen were all the rage. But then the love for wood turned to stone and homeowners opted for marble, granite, and quartz. Now it seems people are gravitating back to the warmth of wood in the kitchen. Some day I’ll update my counter tops to wood. Until then, here’s some kitchen eye candy.

Traditional kitchen with wooden counter topsPhoto by We Got Lites


Wood counter tops add warmth to a kitchen and they look great with any color cabinets.

Light Blue Kitchen Island with Wood Counter TopsPhoto by Dillon Kyle Architects (DKA)


I’m lovin’ all the texture in this kitchen – a brick wall, subway tile, butcher block counters, and beadboard cabinet fronts.

Scandinavian Rustic KitchenPhoto by Entrance Fastighetsmäkleri


Wood counter tops mimic the rich hardwood floor in this light and airy kitchen. Pops of color add a touch of fun!

Light and Airy White Kitchen with Wood Floor and Counter TopsPhoto by Alison Kandler Interior Design


Of course, they look perfect in a humble country style kitchen. I think I need to de-clutter my kitchen shelves after seeing this picture.

Country Kitchen with Light Blue CabinetsPhoto by British Standard by Plain English


Country Kitchen with Light Green Cabinets Photo by British Standard by Plain English


You can pair wood with any color. And there are a wide variety of wood tones, from light to dark.

Traditional Yellow Kitchen with Glass Front CabinetsPhoto by Craft Art Elegant Surfaces


I like the drain board to the left of this charming farmhouse sink. 

White and Wood Country KitchenPhoto by deVOL Kitchens


My favorite kitchen designer is deVOL Kitchens and it would be a dream to have them re-do my old kitchen. I know they’d be able to retain its historic charm while improving the flow and appearance.

Quaint Country Kitchen by DEvolPhoto by deVOL Kitchens


Wood shelves mimic the wood surface of this kitchen’s island.

Navy and Wood KitchenPhoto by Studio Miel


Wood counter tops look good in any kitchen – in my humble opinion.

Classic Historic Kitchen in Wood and WhitePhoto by kelly mcguill home

Which do you prefer – wood or stone counter tops in the kitchen?


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  1. I love the warmth of wood – and would love to do butcher block in my kitchen. I guess I’d have to research as to how much maintenance they are, and how long do they last.

  2. The look of wood counters is beautiful. I wonder how they stand up to a messy cook like me. My counters are usually a disaster after I cook. I wonder what the care would be and how they would hold up to someone like me? I splash water around a lot, too! Anyone have them and how do you take care of them? I ask because I am planning a kitchen update.

  3. I adore my wood counter tops. I’ve had them for 9 years and they look as pretty today as they did when we installed them. I cook and bake a lot and don’t have any problems with them. When we installed the counter tops we gave them 3 coats of polyurethane in a gloss finish. I never worry about water or wine spilling on them. Everything just wipes up with ease. Previously to the wooden counters i had granite and i will NEVER go back to stone. I would chip or break so much glass ware and china and the stone would mark easily. It wasn’t worth the hassle. Wood all the way for me.

  4. I love the way wood counter tops look with white cabinets…..dreamy! Maybe some day, sigh……but alas a kitchen reno is so far away from my budget at the moment! Good thing I love my little country kitchen as it is!

  5. Love the wood counter tops they are very pretty. I worry though about the maintenance. I personally went with quartz when I did my reno 3 years ago and love it. Cleaning is such a breeze and no extra maintenance which is even better.

  6. I am so fortunate to have both in my 1903 kitchen. When we renovated ours, we used granite with a dull finish on the areas that would be used for food prep and in the area where we left the original cabinets, my husband replaced the dated 60’s counter with old wood counter tops he found at a salvage yard that once graced the pantry of a 1900’s home. I think the combination of the two surfaces gives
    our kitchen an updated look without sacrificing the 1900’s charm. The upkeep with the wood has not been something that would have kept us from installing it. I’m sure the wood counter tops they offer today are easier to maintain..

  7. When we remodeled our kitchen about five years ago, we installed butcher block counter tops, and I have never regretted it. And, I am not a careful person when it comes to maintenance or interested in having to think constantly about how I use them. I have accepted that they aren’t going to look perfect but a useful part of our kitchen. It’s funny that you mentioned needing to declutter your shelves when seeing the kitchen in your post with blue cabinets and mostly bare shelves. My first thought was that the shelves in the picture needed more stuff! Maybe there’s a happy medium?:)

  8. That would be so much fun to work in that kitchen…the cream and yellow one…back in that wonderful alcove. How cozy!