The House

Fifteen years ago I purchased my current home as a single mother of three. I had owned 2 homes previously when married, but buying this Victorian cottage on my own was an acccomplishment I wasn’t sure was possible. I took my 2 daughters house hunting, and when we set foot in this house on Shannon Street, they begged me to buy it. We all drove over to the realtor’s office … I thought it would be a good lesson for them to sit it on the negotiating process. When I remarried, my hubby and I discussed moving elsewhere, but decided to stay put. It was just easier.

The Fam
I remarried in 2001 … hubby has 2 wonderful boys … they’re young men, actually. My son is in his senior year at Illinois State University. One daughter is a pastry chef turned mommy , the other weds this June. I have two grandbabies … well, one isn’t a baby anymore. He’s in kindergarten. And then there’s our feline crew … you’ll see them in photos here and there.

My Day Job
By day I’m the marketing communications manager for Aquascape, which is a designer and manufacturer of water gardening supplies for installers and retailers around the world.  I handle the company’s social media, public relations and marketing communications like writing copy for the website and most marketing materials.

Diet and Exercise
Running is my favorite form of exercise. I’ve run 5 marathons, a few half marathons, and several 10k and 5k races. I’ve been a vegetarian for a couple years now and don’t really miss eating meat … although on occasion I get cravings for a big juicy burger or thick steak. Eventually the urge passes. Hubby and I plowed a decent sized veggie garden last year and I canned tomatoes for the first time. We love growing our own food and we never use chemicals … it’s all organic.


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