Pink and Blue Easter Table Setting

Welcome to the Easter edition of Styled + Set where a group of bloggers share their ideas for dining and entertaining during a holiday season. Jennifer at Celebrating Everyday Life is the blogger just before me and I just love her trophy centerpiece! I've set a pink and blue Easter table setting to give you inspiration for your own holiday celebration.   Easter for me means pastel colors at the dining table; I chose pink and blue this … [Read more...]

Vintage Easter Printable

Little by little the days are getting longer and spring is in the air. I saw the first robins of the season, which put me in the mood for Easter. Today I'm joining fellow bloggers to bring you a bounty of free Easter printables. Thanks to Kristen at Ella Claire for hosting this fun event! I always love a pretty vintage Easter printable and am sharing six images for you to download. I made place setting decorations with them for guests to take … [Read more...]

11 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter is one of my favorite holidays because it's a celebration of life. Spring flowers poke their way out of their underground slumber and leafy buds start to emerge from the trees. The grass turns green and the earthy scent of the season fills the air. And of course, we celebrate the resurrection of God's Son, His gift of life to the world. Eggs are the symbol of life and today I'm sharing 11 Easter egg decorating ideas to inspire … [Read more...]

Create a Quick Easter Mantel

When I decorate for the holidays, I tend to over-think things. In an effort to make holiday decor perfect, it seems like I end up over-doing and before you know it I have an unattractive mess on my hands. That's when I start editing and editing and undoing a lot of the work I've just done. For Easter, I decided not to think too much and just go with my gut instinct ... which led to lots of flowers for a quick Easter mantel. When I think of … [Read more...]

How to Make Speckled Eggs

Since the kids are grown and have all flown the coop, we no longer dye eggs for Easter. I do love the speckled eggs you get at home decor stores, but sometimes they can be ridiculously expensive. A small bag can be $10 or more and I just can't see paying that price for something that's gonna be out on display for a week or two. So I decided to make my own speckled eggs for a fraction of the cost. The best part of making your own speckled eggs is … [Read more...]

DIY Easter Globes

Easter is less than 2 weeks away! How do these holidays always seem to sneak up on us? I'm having Easter brunch at my house this year so I'm getting a few decorations up because I know the grand kids will enjoy it. I remembered I had glass globes and decided to give them a little spring flair. Without further ado, here's my DIY Easter globes! (And I didn't forget to choose the Paint-a-Pillow winner ... she's announced at the end of this … [Read more...]

10 Last-Minute Easter Projects

Just a couple more days until Easter and if you're like me, you could use just a few more decorations. Both my grandchildren are joining us for Easter dinner and I want to make the house as festive as possible ... but of course, I've waited until the last minute. I found a few Easter projects that can be done rather quickly and thought I'd share some of them with you. (Please visit original site to pin photos to Pinterest.) How adorable is this … [Read more...]

Sweet and Simple Easter Table Setting

I'm sitting here thinking of Easter as it's blowing snow outside. Every few years we get an April snow and I guess this is the year we're blessed with one last flurry of the white stuff. It promises to be in the 60's later this week so the snow will be gone soon, thankfully. I'm also sitting here thinking of how quickly Easter approached this year, with all its pastel beauty. I love the colors of Easter and sprinkled them across my Easter table … [Read more...]

Spring and Easter Decorating

Easter is still about a month away but I've started bringing a little of the holiday into my home, along with touches of spring. I love the colors of spring and Easter decorating ... I've always been attracted to white and pastels. All week a group of us bloggers are bringing a little Spring and Easter decorating to you ... be sure to visit the other blogs at the end of this post. My living room shelf is populated with bunnies, chicks, and … [Read more...]

My Passion for Book Page Crafts

Lately I'm becoming more and more drawn to anything made with book pages! Within minutes the words on a book's page take you to another place and time. The musty smell of an old book with an elegant cover is a sensory pleasure I'll always treasure. And when you're done with a book, you can transform it into a work of art. I've been collecting books for projects around the house and thanks to Pinterest, I'm finding an unending supply of crafts to … [Read more...]

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