Why We’re Not Moving

About two years ago I started thinking about selling our 150-year old home and moving into newer construction. The temptation to move began shortly after our basement flooded two summers ago and we painted our home's exterior. Replacing a collapsed basement wall due to a freak rainstorm and flood, along with sprucing up the exterior with paint was a lot of work. And stressful, too. (This post contains affiliate links.)   We started … [Read more...]

Soft and Pretty Rooms for You!

I think it's safe to say that for most of us, we decorate our homes to create a certain ambiance or mood. We use darker colors to feel like a room is wrapping us in a warm hug, we use earthy elements like wood to make us feel grounded, or we incorporate pastel colors and ruffles for a little romance. Today we're focusing on the latter with a collection of soft and pretty rooms. Soft and Pretty Living Rooms White slip covers and long drapes … [Read more...]

DIY Spring Flower Arrangement

  Arranging flowers used to intimidate me, but not anymore. Look at fields of flowers and you'll realize their appearance is haphazard. I used to feel like floral arrangements had to be perfect, but realize I was wrong. You can make a beautiful spring flower arrangement with just a few tips.   Today I'm joining a group of bloggers to bring you a variety of spring crafts and DIY projects. A special thanks to Krista at The Happy … [Read more...]

Modern Country: Charming Home Tour

Modern County style is an updated, fresh approach to farmhouse style. Cleaner lines, less clutter, and a bit more color create a more contemporary look with the timeless style of country charm. Today's home by Liz Levin Interiors is located in Bethesda, Maryland, just north of Washington D.C. A comfortable living room is beautifully decorated with soft furnishings and silver accents. Coffered ceilings are emphasized with light blue paint. A … [Read more...]

Historic Homes of Yorkville, Illinois

Winter in Illinois can get a bit crazy and can change on a dime at any given time. For example, last week we received about ten inches of fluffy white snow. This week it's much warmer and that fresh dusting of snow is already melting. Before all of the cottony drifts of the white stuff had a chance to melt, I wanted to capture pictures of beautiful homes dressed in snow. Hubby and I set out photograph the historic homes of Yorkville, … [Read more...]

Decorating with Lavender

A beautiful sunset washed the sky with the prettiest pastel colors as I was driving home from work the other night. A soft shade of lavender swirled around hues of pink and pale blue. Behind it all was the glow of the sun and it was mesmerizing. The artistry in the sky inspired me to write a post about decorating with lavender. Lavender Living Room Lavender isn't typically the first shade of paint chosen for a living room, but its effect can … [Read more...]

Farmhouse Table for a Breakfast Nook

Yes! My farmhouse table from Pottery Barn finally arrived! I ordered the Stephens table last October and for whatever reason it was on back order for a while. But it's now in my breakfast nook and it was worth the wait. (This post contains affiliate links.)   My new farmhouse table is solid wood. The real stuff. And I love it.   Our previous table was a flea market find and a bit wobbly on its feet. It was a cute table, but … [Read more...]

Australian Beauty: Charming Home Tour

Over 8 inches of snow fell in northern Illinois this weekend and I'm ready to head some place warm and sunny. How about Australia? We're trekking to the land down under to tour a beautiful home by Adam Cox with both beach and farmhouse appeal! The entrance of this Australian beauty gives a glimpse of its country charm and rich detailing. The front door is uniquely amazing while the straw hats provide a down-home charm. Photo by Adam … [Read more...]

Easy Way to Increase Kitchen Storage

When you live in an old house, storage is a highly-prized commodity. In the olden days, homes were taxed on their number of rooms. Closets were counted as a room so many older houses have as few closets as possible to help keep real estate taxes down. We have one closet in our house on the second floor. It's a really long closet stretching from one bedroom to the next.  Although it's like a bowling alley for clothes, it doesn't solve our kitchen … [Read more...]

8 Romantic Homes: Inspiration for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is less than a week away and I'm enjoying all the sweet inspiration from blogland these past couple of weeks! Today I'm joining a group of bloggers who have created romantic homes in anticipation of Cupid's holiday. I hope you'll take a moment to visit each home; I guarantee you'll find ideas for your own living spaces! A very special thank you to Kathy at A Delightsome Life for organizing this month's Romantic Homes round-up! … [Read more...]

How to Create a Romantic Home

The harsh winds of winter are howling outside and rattling the windows as I write this post. When the snow is flying, it's time to put another log on the fire and add romance to your home. Soft textiles and pretty flowers are easy ways to create a romantic home. During the month of February I enjoy adding touches of pink throughout the house. Roses can be expensive so I like to mix large roses with smaller rose sprays that are less costly. … [Read more...]

Bold Coastal Style: Charming Home Tour

Bold coastal style? Normally I think of beach style as being soft and serene in hues of blue and green, but today's home adds a fun twist. Strong colors mingle with nautical decor to create unique living spaces in a beautifully constructed home. White paint pops next to chocolate brown wallpaper and a brightly striped stair runner. White board and batten allows the amazing bachelor's chest to take center stage just below the vintage pendant … [Read more...]

A Cozy Painted Mantel and Village

Welcome to the February installment of our Cozy Living Series! In case you're new, let me tell you that the first Saturday of each month a few of my friends and I share something that creates comfort and coziness in our lives. Think of it as the American version of Danish Hygge. I've been trying to add a bit of depth and layers to rooms in our house and recently decided to create a cozy painted mantel in a beautiful shade of gray.   In … [Read more...]

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