Coastal Kitchen in Blue and White

Our temperatures here in Illinois are cresting over 80 degrees for the next full week. That means it's beach time! That's what it feels like anyway, but it could return back to cooler breezes in early June.  Since I'm in a summer frame of mind, I'm sharing a pretty coastal kitchen that's bright and fresh! A pale blue kitchen island adds a splash of ocean color surrounded by white cabinets and subway tile. Photo by DuChateau Floors   A … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Summer Floral Wreath

The first wreath I ever made was back when I belonged to the Geneva Young Mother's Club. A local florist came to a club meeting for a hands-on tutorial. She said she liked my wreath but I wasn't so sure. I've always envied people who can make pretty wreaths, and I think I finally figured out how to make an easy DIY summer floral wreath. If I can do it - you can too! I promise! First, I'd like to give a huge THANK YOU to Krista at The Happy … [Read more...]

Simple Summer Table Setting

When you think of entertaining during the summer months, do you opt for bright energizing colors or the soothing hues of a blue ocean? For this year's first simple summer table setting, I chose earthy tones that remind me of the green grass and the wonderful outdoors that I love so much.   I created this simple summer table setting for the summer edition of Styled + Set, hosted by Lory at Designthusiasm. If you're coming from Sheila's … [Read more...]

Colorful Beach Cottage Tour

Fans of color are going to enjoy touring this colorful beach cottage! Outside, cedar shake shingles pair with white to create a classic vacation home that can be lived in all year. A stone garden wall planted with cheery nasturtiums invites you to the front door. Photo by Wright-Ryan Homes   Brightly striped stairs pull colors from the patterned curtains while a yellow bench provides a place to toss off your flip flops after a … [Read more...]

Is This the Most Beautiful Kitchen Ever?

First let me say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all have our unique tastes which is why there's a wide variety of clothing styles, furniture designs, and so on. I find today's kitchen to be the most beautiful kitchen ever and understand if some of you disagree. But for me, this kitchen combines the best of functionality with a charming European country style. Photo by deulonder arquitectura doméstica   The colors in the … [Read more...]

Ribbon Chandelier: An Easy DIY Project

When summer rolls around I like to add a bit of decorating whimsy. To create a pretty summer table setting, I decided to make an easy DIY ribbon chandelier in pink and white. I'm sharing the instructions so you can make one of your own!   I promise you'll be amazed at how easy it is to create your own ribbon chandelier. Choose a color scheme and head to the store for rolls of ribbon. I opted for pink and white with a touch of gold. I … [Read more...]

How to Artfully Display Pottery

Most of us have a treasured collection at some point in our lives. Maybe you collected marbles or pretty stones as a kid. And now, you might have a collection of beautiful shoes or pillows for every season. I've always been a fan of dishes and pottery and appreciate all the beautiful ways to display pottery. Given ample space in a vintage cupboard, a humble pottery collection takes the form of a still life painting. The spacing of the pieces … [Read more...]

Charming Oceanfront Home in New England

When I look for houses to feature, my eye is always drawn to architectural details first, followed by beautiful decor. This charming oceanfront home captures both elements to create a casual yet somewhat grand home. Sunny yellow and white always lend a cottage vibe to an interior space. Ample windows in this sun room ensure that the oceanfront vistas can be enjoyed while sitting here. Photo by Design Fixation [Faith Provencher]   The … [Read more...]

Backyard Landscape Design Plan with Pond

My backyard has been a nuisance since the day we moved into our house. It's small, has a shed, a skinny sidewalk, and a mishmash of plants. Before we had to cut down a couple of large dying trees back there, it was impossible to grow grass. Weeds on the other hand, had no trouble thriving back there. But now, I have a new landscape design plan for my backyard and I can't wait for it to be transformed!! The 11'x17' pond will take center stage in … [Read more...]

Outdoor Dining Ideas and Inspiration

This summer my backyard is getting a complete makeover! I can't wait to share the design plan here on my blog this Saturday. An outdoor dining area is part of the plan so I've started looking for ideas for that section of the yard. I think you might find some inspiration from these photos for your own al fresco dining space. A simple farmhouse table with colorful chairs like these would be perfect for my humble farmhouse. Photo by Kilim … [Read more...]

Colorful Bathroom Ideas: Go Bold

Have you noticed a trend toward neutral tones when it comes to bathroom design and decoration? Neutrals are typically soft and soothing, but a bright and bold bathroom can be a fun place to start your day. Enjoy this collection of 12 colorful bathroom ideas (grab your sunglasses if you're not a fan of bold color). Vibrant Red Bathrooms An advantage of a claw foot tub is that you can paint it a fun color. Here, the red is toned down with paler … [Read more...]

Tour a Simple Farmhouse Cottage

Sometimes enthusiasm for decorating can lead to a cluttered looking room. Today's home tour features a simple farmhouse cottage dressed with a light hand, allowing the home's beautiful bones to stand out. The home's entryway includes a rustic bench upholstered in linen grain stripe fabric. Windows are left unadorned so as not to block nature's beautiful views outside. Photo by Kelly and Co. Design   Spring green cabinets in the kitchen … [Read more...]

How to Create a Cozy Spring Family Room

May has arrived and it finally feels like spring in Illinois! Today I'm joining a few friends for our monthly "Cozy Living" series that's published the first Saturday of each month. I thought I'd share how to create a cozy spring family room using my own space as an example.   My inspiration was this beautiful white Portuguese bowl from HomeGoods. I knew I wanted just one item for the coffee table and spied this beauty while wandering … [Read more...]

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