10 Mosquito Repelling Plants for Your Garden

Summer is my favorite season but the one thing I don't like about it is - mosquitoes! Rather than use chemicals or sprays to keep them away, I prefer a more natural method, like this list of 10 mosquito repelling plants! Basil. Did you know that basil essential oil is deadly to mosquito larvae? The smell of basil is so strong that you don't need to crush its leaves to repel bugs. Plant in a sunny location and keep the soil … [Read more...]

Small Space Decorating Solutions

When you live in an older home, you often struggle with decorating for modern living. A hundred years or more ago, houses were designed for a different lifestyle. Over the years I've learned to meet some of these challenges head on. Following are some of my favorite small space decorating solutions. Photo by KL Interiors Consider traffic patterns. Sometimes you have to get creative with smaller rooms because you're dealing with both space and … [Read more...]

Southern Beach House with Natural Light

Last Sunday we received six inches of snow. Today it's going to be 70 degrees and sunny. Welcome to spring in Illinois! I'm embracing today's good fortune and celebrating with a tour of a beautiful Southern beach house! Photo by T.S. Adams Studio, Architects In true Southern fashion, the beach house enjoys a double decker porch with haint blue ceilings. Such a pretty place to sip iced tea and watch the world go by. Photo by T.S. Adams Studio, … [Read more...]

Boho Chic Dining Room: Bridget’s Place

My daughter moved into her charming bungalow a few weeks ago and her boho chic dining room is ready for its first debut here on the blog. It still needs a few final touches but I thought I'd share "stage one."   An antique hutch is going on the far blank wall. It's a piece of furniture from my very first home - it's currently in storage but will be in Bridget's dining room soon.   A must-have on Bridget's dining room … [Read more...]

Decorating with Pineapples

Yes, decorating with pineapples! A pineapple is a sign of hospitality and is the perfect decor for a welcoming home.   Gorgeous black and gold wallpaper with a pineapple motif hugs a beautiful bedroom. Are you bold enough to try something like this? Photo by Manders If not, how about a simple pretty pillow? Photo by Just Fabrics The same fabric is applied to a lampshade for another "decorating with pineapples" look. Photo by Just … [Read more...]

Choosing Kitchen Colors: An Easy Update

An easy and fairly inexpensive way to update your kitchen is with paint. Whether you choose to paint your walls, cabinets, or just the kitchen island, you create an instant and refreshing change with new kitchen colors! Photo by A43 Architecture   Now that I've repainted several rooms in my house, I have the itch to choose new kitchen colors. I'm not changing my flooring so the new colors need to match my green Mexican tile floor. Photo by … [Read more...]

Minimalist Style Blue Cottage in Australia

The weather forecast calls for snow today, which doesn't make me happy. So let's head to warm and sunny Australia and forget about the white fluffy stuff. I think you'll enjoy today's minimalist style blue cottage! Photo by One Girl Interiors   Inside you'll find simple furnishings and a painted floor. I like the clean lines throughout the home. Photo by One Girl Interiors   The foyer welcomes you with a quaint wooden bench, a built-in … [Read more...]

Create a Welcoming Front Door: 7 Ideas

Now that the weather's warming up, it's time to do a little beautifying outside. A great place to start is your front door. Does it make a welcoming impact or does it need a fresh coat of paint like mine? Look how cheerful this first example is! Beautiful paneled double doors painted a fun turquoise color with a matching metal pendant light to match. Pretty pink flowers pop while a furry friend waits to greet friends! Photo by Barn Light … [Read more...]

9 Nature Inspired Decorating Ideas

The past several months I've been making changes to my home decor, opting for earthier tones inspired by nature. I'm adding more houseplants too, but there are other ways to bring the outdoors in. Here you'll find 9 nature inspired decorating ideas! The first is an entryway lined with garden botanical wallpaper. A garden hat with tools add create a potting room vibe. Photo by Boråstapeter   Create an architectural, nature inspired decorating … [Read more...]

Create a Nature Board with Free Printables

Join me today for a super simple home decor project you can make in just minutes. It's a nature board with free printables you can download right here on my blog!   I have a rustic looking board made with strips of whitewashed wood. Small clips have been attached along with decorative corner treatments. At Christmas, I used it to display vintage gift tags and small ornaments. I was debating whether to put it in storage or find … [Read more...]

Victorian Home in Upstate New York

Who's a fan of a stately Victorian home? Today we're touring a grand lady located in Upstate New York with amazing architectural details. Photo by Laura Moss Photography Quality wood cabinets wrap the walls of the expansive kitchen but the space is light due to large windows above the sink. Photo by Laura Moss Photography Photo by Laura Moss Photography Wrap around windows create a beautiful sunroom with a bead board ceiling and vintage … [Read more...]

Create a Welcoming Entryway: Cozy Living

Stepping through the front door, friends and visitors get a first impression of your home. I try to create a welcoming entryway in hopes that people feel happy and warm when they walk inside.   The first thing you see when walking in my front door is this corner by the window. It's not really an entryway per se, but I defined it as such with the use of a small throw rug. You're really walking into the dining room, but I created this … [Read more...]

Yes, You Too Can Grow Orchids!

Contrary to popular opinion, orchids are fairly easy to grow once you know what they like. And if you're the type of indoor gardener who forgets to water her plants, then the choice to grow orchids is perfect for you!   Watering Requirements Orchids don't like wet feet and won't live long if their roots are always damp. Water them once per week and allow the potting media to dry out between watering.   Lighting … [Read more...]

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