Linen Decorations in the Home

My love for linen goes back many years when fresh out of college, I started working for a high-end women's clothing store. Something about that organic looking fabric with natural slubs tugged at my heart strings. But clothing isn't the only way to enjoy this wonderful fabric. Linen decorations look luxurious in the home, too. (This post contains affiliate links.) Billowy linen curtains add special softness to any room and they look fabulous … [Read more...]

Stone Cottage on the Lake

A cozy stone cottage on the lake oozes charm and architectural details. The home's exterior is especially unique with its mix of rustic wood and stone. Photo by Jeffrey Dungan Architects I love the diamond mullion windows throughout the home. They remind me of Dutch windows. My childhood bedroom had diamond mullion windows, although not as elaborate as those on this stone cottage. Photo by Jeffrey Dungan Architects The front door wears a … [Read more...]

10 Vintage Steamer Trunk Ideas

A few years back I scoured our local flea markets and antique shops for a vintage steamer trunk. My goal was to find the right one to use as a coffee table but I ended up with a new coffee table made of mango wood. I still dream of a vintage steamer trunk in my house some day and found 10 ideas to keep the inspiration going. (This post contains affiliate links.) Photo by Wind and Willow Home I love the idea of a dark steamer trunk in the … [Read more...]

13 Ideas for Decorating with Store Bought Flowers

It never fails. Shortly after a New Year begins I always find myself longing for my garden flowers. Although I prefer flowers from my garden beds, our cold Midwestern winters force me to settle for decorating with store bought flowers. Following are 13 ideas to turn store bought flowers into beautiful decorations for your home. Roses are always plentiful and look pretty as a simple arrangement in an enamelware pitcher. Photo by … [Read more...]

NEW Martina McBride Cookbook Giveaway

Are there any country music fans in the audience? I'm excited to give away a copy of the new Martina McBride cookbook entitled "Martina's Kitchen Mix" with the subtitle, "My Recipe Playlist for Real Life." (This post contains affiliate links.)   Country singer Martina McBride shares 150 recipes in her new cookbook. I just received a copy of the book to review and have already made a couple of the recipes and love them. Like these … [Read more...]

Modern Farmhouse in Chicago Suburbs

Today's modern farmhouse tour would make Joanna Gaines proud. It carries her signature black and white farmhouse style and is located not far from where I live. Large double front doors let in plenty of natural light through their windows. I'm not a fan of exterior doors that don't have a window. If privacy is needed, simply add a shade like you see here. Photo by M House Development   The nearby staircase also receives a lot of natural … [Read more...]

New Rug in My Sitting Room: Cozy Living

Today is the first Saturday of January and that means it's time for another Cozy Living post with my blogging friends. I cozied up my dining room for the winter with a new area rug in brown, beige, and sage green. Similar to the colors in the landscape painting on the wall. (This post contains affiliate links.)   You may or may not have noticed the new rug during my Christmas home tour. I found both the area rug and new coffee table … [Read more...]

17 Rooms with Spectacular Views

If you're lucky enough to live on the water or in a mountain range, I hope you have a room with a view. But even if you live on the prairie, you can enjoy pretty views outside your window. Here's a collection of 17 rooms with spectacular views that will take your breath away! Mountain Views My first trip to the Rocky Mountains involved lodging at a camp that had a spectacular view of the mountains the moment you stepped out the cabin door. If … [Read more...]

Your Favorite Posts of 2018

At the beginning of each New Year I like to look back and see the top ten reader favorite blog posts here on Town and Country Living! 1. My Summer Colors Home Tour I chose an apple green color to brighten my rooms for the summer months.   2. My Christmas Home Tour My holiday home tours usually make the Top Ten list each year so this one comes as no surprise.   3. Simple Steps to Spring Decorating … [Read more...]

Adding Houseplants After Christmas

One thing I greatly miss after removing Christmas decorations is the greenery of the garlands and trees. So it's no surprise I focus on adding houseplants this time of year.   Houseplants not only add softness and greenery to rooms throughout the house, but they help filter the air. Those of us who live in colder climes can benefit with extra air filtration at a time when we have our doors and windows closed.   Plants … [Read more...]

Brooklyn Row House Tour

Let's take a trip to the city and tour a Brooklyn Row House. If I ever lived in the city I thought it'd be fun to live in a row house on a pretty shaded street. Photo by Bonaventura Architect   Inside you'll find a charming white kitchen with country style. Photo by Bonaventura Architect   White cabinets, dark counter tops, and dark diamond inserts in the white tile floor create a classic and appealing look. Photo by Bonaventura … [Read more...]

Create Character with Bead Board

Character is the main reason I love old homes. Quirky rooms, quality wood trim, built-in cabinets, and more. All those things that lend charm and interest. You can create character in your own home with something as simple as bead board. Photo by ML Interior Designs   Bead board is fairly easy to install and it really makes a great impact in a room.  Photo by Cushman Design Group   I love the look of natural bead board. It immediately adds … [Read more...]

Victorian Kitchen in Steel and Marble

Get ready to set your eyes on a unique steel and marble Victorian kitchen that blends Old World charm with fresh modern function! Photo by Sustainable Kitchens You might not think of putting contemporary elements like marble and steel in an Old World Victorian kitchen, but this blend is eclectic and charming. The rich marble adds elegance to the ornate trim of the built-in shelves. Photo by Sustainable Kitchens A painted vintage hutch gives a … [Read more...]

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