Why You Need Healthy Houseplants in Your Life

My favorite decor trend for 2019 is the resurgence of popularity in houseplants. Plants are good for your soul and great for your health. If you think you have a brown thumb and can't grow healthy houseplants, think again! I'm a huge fan of philodendrons and my most recent acquisition is this gorgeous Hope Philodendron with its large, lacy leaves. Don't be afraid to bring it into your home. Follow the required light and watering needs and … [Read more...]

Eclectic Southwestern Style in Houston Home

My 2019 goal for home tours is to showcase a variety of styles in architecture and interior design. Some houses you'll love, some - not so much. But it's still interesting to see different design concepts, like today's traditional home in Houston dressed in eclectic southwestern style. Photo by NEST Design Group   The large dining room with vaulted ceiling features a colorful vintage cabinet that's matched by the runner on the table. Leather … [Read more...]

Hunting for a Starter Home with My Daughter

Do you remember the excitement of searching for your very first home? Today I'm heading out with my daughter and her hubby to find their dream starter home! My daughter is a stay-at-home-mom so they're living on one salary and need to be conservative while house hunting. I collected a batch of small houses - any one of them would be a cute starter home for a young family! Photo by Boyer Architects LLC A bungalow style home would be a great … [Read more...]

Tips for Choosing a Sectional Sofa

After struggling for a few years to keep my white sectional sofa white, I finally caved in and chose a new one that will be easier to live with. It arrives in a couple weeks but I thought I'd share tips for choosing a sectional in case you're in the market for a new one. Photo by Bejnar's Fine Furniture   You'll find a variety of styles and colors, but a few things are consistent when considering a sectional sofa to purchase. First and … [Read more...]

Dining Room Color: Because One Thing Leads to Another

Here we go again! A couple weeks ago we painted the family room a dark gray color, which of course led to a need for a new dining room color. Isn't that the way it goes at home? One change in one room leads to another change in another room. Say hello to Benjamin Moore's earthy Downtown color that now graces our dining room walls! And yes, the door went from Ultra White to Wrought Iron (another Benjamin Moore color).   The upper … [Read more...]

Converted Church Home with Beautiful Style

Would you ever live in a converted church? Before you answer that question, take a tour of this charming chapel that's been turned into a comfortable home with beautiful style! Photo by HSH Interiors   Inside you'll find the vaulted ceiling with natural wood left intact. The kitchen layout is efficient and functional. I think the wood ceiling and wood floor keeps the space cozy despite the high ceiling. Photo by HSH Interiors   It's hard to … [Read more...]

Elements of a Cottage Garden

Every year about this time I start missing my garden spaces. I look across the expanse of my snow-dusted lawn and start making plans for spring and summer. Today I'm pondering the elements of a cottage garden.   A quaint garden shade is a classic element of any cottage garden. Anything that gives your eye a focal point since cottage gardens tend to be a little on the wild side.   When it comes to flowers in a cottage … [Read more...]

Romantic Creamy White Living Spaces

Lately I've been focusing on darker colors and I do think home design is trending toward deeper, richer hues. However I will always love creamy white living spaces, whether contemporary or shabby chic style. When decorating in creamy white tones, make your living space warm and inviting with the use of texture - like the vintage worn doors in this room by designer Margaret Naeve.   White looks crisp and clean and always looks … [Read more...]

8 Built-In Ideas for the Living Room

One thing I love about older homes is the unique built-in ideas you find within their walls. It's nice to see some of the newer homes adding these custom features. Photo by Lisa Tharp Design   I started writing this post about built-in ideas for every room in the house, but I found so many great examples I decided to focus on just one room at a time. The photos above and below are the same room. Above you see the built-in bookcase, and below … [Read more...]

Snug Cabin Home Tour

You may have noticed recently that I'm discovering a new fondness for darker, cozier interiors. Today's snug cabin home tour is filled with cozy rooms in richer colors. The effect is warm and welcoming. Photo by Heidi Caillier Design   Dark gray paint covers the entryway paneling. It's like stepping inside and getting a big hug. Photo by Heidi Caillier Design   A golden couch adds a pop of color in the living room against the dark walls. Photo … [Read more...]

How Paint Adds Warmth to My Family Room

I did it. I finally worked up the courage to brush dark paint on some of the walls in my home. And let me just say that I love how paint adds warmth to my family room!   Today is the first Saturday of the month so it means I'm joining a few blogging friends for our Cozy Living series. You can visit their links at the bottom of this post to see how they enjoy cozy appeal in the month of February. I'm enjoying it with a new coat of … [Read more...]

Painted Floors for Beauty and Durability

Painted floors are on my to-do list for the month of February. The last time I painted them was many, many years ago and they're due for a new coat. I love the look of painted floors and am showcasing beautiful examples on the blog today. Photo by Rory Robertson   Depending on the look you're going for, painted floors can modern or rustic. High gloss lends a contemporary vibe while a flatter finish leans toward country style. Photo by Spinn … [Read more...]

Top Five Kitchen Trends in 2019

Kitchens typically command the highest price tag when it comes to room renovations. Projects range from a full gut job to a fresh coat of paint. But when it comes to specific features of a kitchen, five elements top the list of upgrades. 1. Kitchen Counter Top According to the recent 2019 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, counter tops are the number one trend in kitchen improvements. And this year, quartz is the most desired … [Read more...]

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