One Pan Linguine Recipe

When it comes to comfort food, pasta is right up there on the top of my list! There are so many ways to make it ... so many things you can do with it. I don't really have a favorite type of pasta. I love them all. I recently discovered this One Pan Linguine Recipe that Martha Stewart made on her show. Honestly, I was highly skeptical that you could throw all the ingredients into just one pan and have them transformed into a quality, Italian … [Read more...]

Easy Lasagna Cups for Lunch or Dinner

Don't you love finding an easy recipe that turns out scrumptious the first time you make it? I found a tasty lasagna recipe that's great for either lunch or dinner. Instead of laying out the lasagna noodles in a large pan, you roll them up and place them in muffin tins. The original recipe called for store bought spaghetti sauce, but I made mine from scratch. The lasagna cups stay nicely shaped after removing them from the pan, which means … [Read more...]

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